The following is the lesson I learned while navigating the fun and very addicting simulation game Forge of Empires.

Are you Ready!

Follow what you're told to do!

Honestly, it's that simple. The objective of the game is to progress through your empire, travelling the various western civilized cultures and acquiring new knowledge along the way.

And while there are side quests, guilds to join, and the occasional trade to be made, the honest to god truth is just do what you're told.

Need to research a new production building?

Research it!

Oh, what's that you say... you don't have enough forge points?

Here's the second lesson...


The hook of the game is the need for diamonds, which is a red herring. So far, I've navigated to the Early Middle Ages without spending a penny on this game...

How you might ask?


That's it. Just wait for more research points. Every day, without clicking a single mouse button, you can earn 10 forge points for just having a kingdom. No bullshit, no hidden agenda. Just wait patiently and you will receive what you need. Which brings us to another great point!

Help other people out!

Honestly, this one is even simpler. Every day, during a 24 window, you have the option of aiding other empires. It costs nothing and better yet, you get rewarded for helping those who might one day help you.

No, I'm not talking about the Christian tap on the back, but actual gold for your support of other empires.

Sounds easy enough...

Are you starting to see something here?

This game is a great way to teach humility and discipline, and for those aspiring emperors out there, listen up!

This game will teach you how to start your own empire. But the secret is, are you willing to do it without spending a dime? And do you have what it takes to wait for what is coming to you, or will you flame out like those other losers blowing a fortune on a game that was designed to be free?

The choice is yours my friend. Choose Wisely!

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