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Polls are surveys displayed around the Fandom. Anyone can participate, including anonymous users. Polls are a great way to insert your opinion and participate in the community, especially if you don't want to edit. It's also a great way to let us know that you care.

There have been no polls since 9 September 2020 due to the migration of Fandom's wiki platform, UCP, which doesn't support polls anymore. This page is kept for historical references only.

Main Page Poll History

What is your opinion on the number of events we're currently seeing in FoE?

5 March 2020 - 9 September 2020

There are too many events, please reduce them. 145 votes
More events means more rewards, they're always good! 449 votes
The same events have become boring, please come up with new mechanics. 38 votes
Please bring Historical Questlines back. 128 votes
I don't care, if I don't like an event I don't play it. What's the fuss about? 34 votes
I'm happy with the current number of events. 63 votes
Total Votes 857 votes

Who's your favourite quest giver?

5 May 2019 - 5 March 2020

Ragu Silvertongue 16 votes
Princess Myciena von Maidenport 84 votes
General Grivus 14 votes
Architect Fernikus 6 votes
Mandrubar the Scientist 26 votes
Rinbin the Jester 176 votes
Greva Darn, the Trader 11 votes
Frosty the Snowman 20 votes
Admiral Terry Hunt 7 votes
Total Votes 360 votes

What is your reaction upon hearing the news that a new age is going to be released?

May 7th 2018- April 5th 2019

Yay! More content, more troops and more of everything! I'm seriously looking forward to it... 297 votes
Glad to see the end of OF! 31 votes
Hey, wait a minute...didn't I hear that OF was gonna be the last age? 12 votes
Aww...I was beginning to like OF, and now I hear that its over :( 3 votes
Doesn't bother me, I haven't reached OF, so the question of getting excited for a new age doesn't arise 488 votes
Inno only releases new content and caters to the whims of mobile players...they've stopped looking after GvG!! 73 votes
I'm cool with it, only if they don't release it in parts 21 votes
Sorry, I wasn't aware, but now that I am, I'm interested! 47 votes
Total Votes 972 votes

Which of these buildings do you absolutely love?

February 7th 2018- May 7th 2018

Shrine of Knowledge 105 votes
Pillar of Heroes 296 votes
Bountiful Cider Mill 12 votes
Masquerade Ball 13 votes
Arena of Victors 6 votes
Terrace Farm 125 votes
Maharaja's Palace 211 votes
Gong of Wisdom 23 votes
Something else 50 votes
Total Votes 841 votes

Which of the following Great Buildings would you love to see removed?

October 8th 2017- 7th February 2018

Colosseum 885 votes
Notre Dame 125 votes
Atomium 13 votes
Space Needle 25 votes
Gaea Statue 9 votes
Oracle of Delphi 19 votes
All of them 180 votes
None of them 207 votes
Total Votes 1463 votes

Which new feature do you like best?

August 26th 2017- 8th October 2017

Incidents 72 votes
Daily Challenges 37 votes
New Quest Overview 16 votes
New Types of Offers (being able to buy special buildings with diamonds) 5 votes
I love all of them! 28 votes
I hate them! 18 votes
Total Votes 176 votes

Which age's military units are the best?

June 2nd 2017- August 26th 2017

Bronze Age 4 votes
Iron Age 5 votes
Early Middle Ages 8 votes
High Middle Ages 5 votes
Late Middle Ages 4 votes
Colonial Age 34 votes
Industrial Age 21 votes
Progressive Era 17 votes
Modern Era 7 votes
Postmodern Era 7 votes
Contemporary Era 131 votes
Tomorrow 3 votes
The Future 33 votes
Arctic Future 7 votes
Oceanic Future 13 votes
I think all of them are the best! 37 votes
Total Votes 336 votes

Are you happy with the direction in which Forge of Empires is heading? (In terms of development, player satisfaction etc.)

March 16, 2016- June 2nd, 2017

They are going absolutely great! 159 votes
Not so great! 22 votes
They don't listen to our demands, wishes and suggestions! 86 votes
I don't have an opinion! 18 votes
Total Votes 285 votes

Do you like the new game features implemented with the Arctic Future (such as promethium, arctic harvest, and so on)?

October 9th, 2016 - March 16th, 2017

Yes, I love it! 98 votes
No, I hate it! 88 votes
I haven't reached the Arctic Future yet! 735 votes
Well, I just don't have an opinion! 14 votes
Total Votes 935 votes

Which military unit type is your favorite?

August 9th, 2015 - October 9th, 2016

Light Units (e.g. Ultra AP) 91 votes
Heavy Units (e.g. Stealth Tank) 325 votes
Fast Units (e.g. Combat Drone) 82 votes
Ranged Units (e.g. Anti-Materiel Sniper) 322 votes
Artillery Units (e.g. Microwave Blaster) 145 votes
Special Units (e.g. Rogue) 726 votes
Total Votes 1,691 votes

Which of the following great buildings is your favorite?

May 11th, 2015 - August 9th, 2015

Alcatraz 242 votes
Atomium 11 votes
Cape Canaveral 61 votes
Dynamic Tower 17 votes
Innovation Tower 7 votes
Observatory 9 votes
St. Mark's Basilica 30 votes
Statue of Zeus 17 votes
Total Votes 394 votes

Which of the recurring events do you like the best?

November 28th, 2014 - May 11th, 2015

The Valentine's Day Events 16 votes
The Easter Events 140 votes
The Summer Events 177 votes
The Halloween Events 35 votes
The Winter Events 444 votes
Total Votes 812 votes

Which era so far is your favorite one?

November 12th, 2014 - November 28th, 2014

Stone Age 4 votes
Bronze Age 4 votes
Iron Age 9 votes
Early Middle Ages 8 votes
High Middle Ages 13 votes
Late Middle Ages 10 votes
Colonial Age 27 votes
Industrial Age 5 votes
Progressive Era 24 votes
Modern Era 7 votes
Postmodern Era 1 vote
Contemporary Era 11 votes
Total Votes 123 votes

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