This page has been created primarily as an admin tool for the admins of this wiki to keep track of certain ongoing developments of the wiki as well as to manage their own personal projects and increase the efficiency of their time spent on this wiki. Of course, regular editors are free to make use of this page too.

General Projects

Upcoming Stuff

What Who Status
2020 Archaeology Event Unreleased
Space Age Ceres Asteroid Belt Unreleased
Space Age Venus Unreleased

Ongoing Stuff

What Who Status
2020 Spring Event Main: Puer et morietur II
Assist: Beelzebob6666
In progress
Egyptian Settlement Main: Beelzebob666
Assist: Pafton
Main part completed, advancements pending


What Who Status
Restructuring and Redesigning All Important Pages Pafton (coordinator) Guild Expeditions: Puer et morietur II
Events: Puer et morietur II
Story Quests: Shadowblack
Side Quests: Shadowblack
Bonus Quests: Shadowblack
Universe: Beelzebob666
Military Buildings: Devilsangel01
Army Management: Deekrazor
Hit Point: Deekrazor
Offensive Army: Deekrazor
Goods Buildings: PhoenixFenix
Cultural Buildings: PhoenixFenix
Special Buildings: Ebsthedrunk
Mobile Main Page Renovation Pafton In process
New Wiki Achievements Pafton Image editing software downloaded. Looking into the probable options.
Recategorization of All Pages; Updating & creating categories Pafton
  • Special Buildings completed
  • Currently doing regular buildings via script.
  • Using age-specific categories for buildings.

Personal Projects

What Who Status
Creation of Goods pages Pafton Decision yet to be made
Expanding write up of Military Unit pages Pafton Awaiting action
Creating an editing and maintenance how-to in regard of the wikis specific style options and templates Beelzebob6666 Awaiting action
Creating a how-to about obtaining data from the game resources Beelzebob6666 Awaiting action

Editor Projects

What Who Status

Completed Projects

What Who Status
2020 St Patrick's Day Event Main: Puer et morietur II
Completed. Quests and prizes to get added over time.
2020 Forge Bowl Event Main: Puer et morietur II
Released on live servers. Completed.
Replacing all Tables with new Table-class and reducing in-article formatting Beelzebob6666
  • CSS and JS were amended, JS is authorized
  • re-tableing done (only guild expedition left for puer)
2019 Winter Event Puer et morietur II Released on live servers. Completed.
Guild Battlegrounds Main: Beelzebob6666
Assist: Pafton
Released on live servers. Completed.
2019 Halloween Event Puer et morietur II Released on live servers. Completed.
2019 Fall Event Structure & Content:
Puer et morietur II
Released on live servers. Completed.
Province Page (Map) Redesign Main:TheEmbracedOne
Assist: Pafton
Main Page Navigation Redesign Main:Beelzebob6666
Assist: Pafton
Completed. Further updates to be made as and when required.
Cumulative pages for all technologies of a given age Main: Beelzebob6666
Assist: Pafton
Completed. All the technologies of a given age now redirect to "AGE NAME" Technologies.
Restructuring Top Navigation Bar Main:Pafton
Completed. If any modifications are necessary they will be added as and when required.
2019 Summer Event Content:
Puer et morietur II
Released on live servers. Completed..
Discussions Pafton Feature enabled. Right rail module added. Discussions mods (2) appointed.
Updating Special Buildings Production to SAM Beelzebob6666 Done as far as possible by scripted export from game data
Some buildings miss data in the game files as well as in the official wiki:
Wishing Well/Little Wishing Well/Fountain of Youth/Hedge Maze are missing data for VF/SAM,
Piazza Mask Vendor, Straw Star Tent, Madame Fortuna's Tent are widely missing base production of Medals
Mill of Fall Lvl 1 misses population for BA
Skeletal Province Pages Main:TheEmbracedOne
Assist: Pafton
Pages have been created for VF & SAM provinces. Stinkypuppy to fill and verify data of pages when he encounters them.
Antiques Dealer Main:Devilsangel01
Page design has been completed. Looking into modifications in Auctions system. Rewards and prizes to be added over time.

Abandoned/Halted Projects

What Who Status
Unified template for all infoicons Main: TheEmbracedOne
Assist: Beelzebob6666
  • Uniform naming of all images to commence
  • Template {{R}} prepared - do we need further options/parameter?
Province Pages (OF/VF) Stinkypuppy Currently scouting and negotiating through OF Part 6 (map 3) to get full text info, VF start expected 2nd week of July. Consulting German Wikia for info verifications
Story Quest Pages (OF/VF) Stinkypuppy Confirming OF Part 6 info early July, VF Part 1 start expected early August. Cleanup of AF section in early July.
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