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|style="height:15em; padding: 10px; border: 1px solid {{Color|Secondary}}; border-radius:5px; background-color: {{Color|SecondaryTransparent}};"|<center><big>'''Editor of the Month'''</big></center><center><b>December 2019</b></center><br>
|style="height:15em; padding: 10px; border: 1px solid {{Color|Secondary}}; border-radius:5px; background-color: {{Color|SecondaryTransparent}};"|<center><big>'''Editor of the Month'''</big></center><center><b>January 2020</b></center><br>
<center>[[File:Portrait_281.jpg|link=User:Puer et morietur II]]</center><center><b><u>[[User:Puer et morietur II|Puer et morietur II]]</u></b></center><center><small>To view details and read about previous Editors, go [[Forge of Empires Wiki:Editor of the Month|here]].</small></center>
<center>[[File:Portrait_152.jpg|link=User:Devilsangel01]]</center><center><b><u>[[User:Devilsangel01|Devilsangel01]]</u></b></center><center><small>To view details and read about previous Editors, go [[Forge of Empires Wiki:Editor of the Month|here]].</small></center>

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