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Friends Tavern
Friends Tavern

The Friends Tavern is a special building added to the game November 23, 2016. The building is placed in the wilderness outside the city and is unlocked once the technology of Brewing is researched. The location of the Friends Tavern can not be changed.

Friends Tavern Info Panel

At first it holds place for 3 friends. Every friend that visits generates a set amount of tavern silver which can be used to buy helpful boosts in the tavern shop or to improve the Friends Tavern itself to increase the silver production.

With the Update to Version 1.183 the Friends Tavern design was changed. Furthermore its position was changed from the little creek (north-west of the city) to the right side of the mountain (north of the city).

Tavern Silver[]

Tavern Silver is the currency used in the Friends Tavern. It has no other uses outside the tavern. To gain tavern silver friends of the player must visit the tavern, which they can do once in every Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24 hours (as with aiding) if there is an open seat available. With every visiting friend the amount of silver on the table increases. Once all the seats are full no other friends are able to make the visit until the tavern owner collects the silver thus emptying the seats. Tavern silver can be collected even when all the seats are not full.

Visiting friends also have a chance of getting a small amount of tavern silver or even Forge.png1 forge point every time they sit down at the table, depending on the level of the owner's tavern's upgrades. Visiting the taverns of friends is the second way to gain tavern silver.

Players can only visit taverns of the people in the friends list (not guild members or neighbours) by clicking on the symbol of the chair with an arrow pointing to it in the friends bar or by clicking the tavern building when visiting the friend's city.

Table Size Upgrades[]

Friends Tavern can be upgraded by either increasing the size of the table, or by adding additional chairs to the table (up to a maximum of its current size). Increasing the table size also increases the amount of tavern silver gained per visitor. Upgrading the table does not increase the seat count. Seats must be unlocked separately.

Table Size Upgrade cost Base income [1] Chair Upgrade cost
4 None Tavern Silver50 1-3 None
4 Tavern Silver250 or Diamonds125
6 Tavern Silver500 or Diamonds250 Tavern Silver52 5 Tavern Silver500 or Diamonds250
6 Tavern Silver800 or Diamonds400
8 Tavern Silver1,500 or Diamonds750 Tavern Silver 54 7 Tavern Silver1,200 or Diamonds600
8 Tavern Silver1,600 or Diamonds800
10 Tavern Silver3,500 or Diamonds1,750 Tavern Silver56 9 Tavern Silver2,000 or Diamonds1,000
10 Tavern Silver2,500 or Diamonds1,250
12 Tavern Silver8,000 or Diamonds4,000 Tavern Silver58 11 Tavern Silver3,500 or Diamonds1,750
12 Tavern Silver4,500 or Diamonds2,250
14 Tavern Silver15,000 or Diamonds7,500 Tavern Silver60 13 Tavern Silver6,000 or Diamonds3,000
14 Tavern Silver8,000 or Diamonds4,000
16 Tavern Silver25,000 or Diamonds12,500 Tavern Silver62 15 Tavern Silver11,000 or Diamonds5,500
16 Tavern Silver15,000 or Diamonds7,500

Decorative Upgrades[]

Upgrading the tray increases the amount of tavern silver the player will collect when other friends visit the tavern.

Type of Tray Upgrade Cost Tavern Silver Boost
Wooden None +0%
Clay Tavern Silver1,000 or Diamonds500 +2%
Stone Tavern Silver2,000 or Diamonds1,000 +4%
Glass Tavern Silver4,000 or Diamonds2,000 +6%
Silver Tavern Silver8,000 or Diamonds4,000 +8%
Golden Tavern Silver16,000 or Diamonds8,000 +10%

Upgrading the floor affects the amount of tavern silver the player will receive when they visit someone else's tavern. The chance of collecting tavern silver on each visit is 20%.

Type of Floor Upgrade Cost Amount of Silver
Rustic Planks None 5
Polished Planks Tavern Silver1,000 or Diamonds500 10
Cobblestone Tavern Silver2,000 or Diamonds1,000 15
Tavern Stone Tavern Silver4,000 or Diamonds2,000 20
Brick Floor Tavern Silver8,000 or Diamonds4,000 25
Throne Room Tavern Silver16,000 or Diamonds8,000 30

Upgrading the table cloth gives friends that visit the tavern a chance of finding a forge point.

Type of Cloth Upgrade Cost Chance of 1 FP
No cloth None 0%
Simple cloth Tavern Silver1,000 or Diamonds500 1%
Tavern cloth Tavern Silver2,000 or Diamonds1,000 2%
Floral cloth Tavern Silver4,000 or Diamonds2,000 4%
Royal cloth Tavern Silver8,000 or Diamonds4,000 6%
Burgundy cloth Tavern Silver16,000 or Diamonds8,000 8%

Tavern Shop[]

There are three types of boosts that can be purchased with the tavern silver to help the city or guild in various ways.

Players can activate the maximum of 2 boosts at the same time. The first boost costs silver like shown in the table below. The second boost slot costs Diamonds50 diamonds to open and then the silver must be paid for the boost as well. Note that paying Diamonds50 diamonds does NOT open the second boost slot permanently. Players CANNOT use two boosts of the same type simultaneously (for example Coins+20% and Coins+40% of coin boosts cannot be active at the same time).

Note: the minimum chairs columns in the tables are the minimum number of chairs required in order to purchase the boost; it is not the tavern's table size.

Resource Boosts[]

Provides coin boost which increases coin productions for the set amount of time.

Boost amount Duration Cost Minimum Chairs
Coins+20% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)4:00:00 Tavern Silver200 3
Coins+40% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)12:00:00 Tavern Silver800 6
Coins+60% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00 Tavern Silver2,000 10

Provides supply boost which increases supply productions for the set amount of time.

Boost amount Duration Cost Minimum Chairs
Supplies+20% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)4:00:00 Tavern Silver250 3
Supplies+40% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)12:00:00 Tavern Silver1,000 7
Supplies+60% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00 Tavern Silver2,500 11

Grants 1 extra turn in the Guild Expeditions negotiation for the set amount of time.

Extra turn Duration Cost Minimum Chairs
+1 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)0:15:00 Tavern Silver1,500 5
+1 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)0:30:00 Tavern Silver2,500 11
+1 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)1:00:00 Tavern Silver4,000 14

Makes the population of the city enthusiastic for set amount of time, even when the demand for happiness is not reached.

Happiness Happiness Duration Cost Minimum Chairs
120% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)4:00:00 Tavern Silver3,500 7
120% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)12:00:00 Tavern Silver8,000 13
120% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00 Tavern Silver14,000 15

Grants a better rate for all trades with the merchants, in the market for 4 hours.
The Merchants boost changes the trade rate only with the merchants which is 1:10 before the boost.

Trading rate Duration Cost Minimum Chairs
1:5 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)4:00:00 Tavern Silver8,000 9
1:4 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)4:00:00 Tavern Silver15,000 14
1:3 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)4:00:00 Tavern Silver25,000 16

Military Boosts[]

Grants attack boost to the offensive army for a set amount of time.

Boost Amount Duration Cost Minimum Chairs
Attack Boost for Attacking Army+10% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)0:30:00 Tavern Silver750 3
Attack Boost for Attacking Army+20% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)4:00:00 Tavern Silver3,000 5
Attack Boost for Attacking Army+30% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00 Tavern Silver8,500 8

Grants defense boost to the defending army for a set amount of time.

Boost Amount Duration Cost Minimum Chairs
Defense Boost for Defending Army+10% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00 Tavern Silver1,000 3
Defense Boost for Defending Army+20% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)48:00:00 Tavern Silver2,500 4
Defense Boost for Defending Army+30% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)73:00:00 Tavern Silver7,000 6

Grants the city a shield that prevents other players from attacking and plundering for a set amount of time.

Boost Duration Cost Minimum Chairs
100% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00 Tavern Silver9,000 8
100% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)48:00:00 Tavern Silver17,000 13
100% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)72:00:00 Tavern Silver24,000 16

Time Boost[]

Speeds up all construction times of buildings that are build during the time period by some percentage.

Boost Duration Cost Minimum Chairs
Construction Boost-25% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00 Tavern Silver400 4
Construction Boost-50% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)48:00:00 Tavern Silver1,200 9
Construction Boost-75% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)72:00:00 Tavern Silver3,600 12

Speeds up the recruitment of units started during the time period by some percentage.

Boost Duration Cost Minimum Chairs
Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)-15% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00 Tavern Silver6,000 10
Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)-25% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00 Tavern Silver10,000 12
Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)-35% Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00 Tavern Silver15,000 15


Gallery of old Design[]


  1. The income of the first member. The income of the whole table can be calculated like so: