Noble Ruler!

Lady Myciena asked me to provide some tools and gadgets for secret agents. You know, like hidden weapons and such. I need a few funds for this.


  • Produce 7 nano drones [1]
  • Produce 7 tools [2]


Noble Ruler!

That was fun! I provided an invisible wristwatch that turns backwards, a baby buggy with a hidden rocket launcher, a coffee machine with built-in parachute and a lot of other amazing gagdets. I am sure they will prove useful!

  • Hidden Reward Hidden reward (22 Smart Materials)

Additional Information

Abortable: Yes

Previous Quest: Drone Allergy

Next Quest: Media Control


  1. Nano drone is 5-minute production of Drone Factory
  2. Tools is 15-minute production of 3D Printer
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