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General Dee is a ruler in the Industrial Age. He is the president of Desperation, Dragon City, and Las Penas.

The continent used to be one united country, until the economic difference between the North (President Cartwright) and the South (General Dee) became too big, and the South declared independence. General Dee was elected president of the South. General Dee fought a war with President Cartwright, and depending on the player’s choice, Dee either defeats Cartwright, is defeated, or makes peace with Cartwright. Either way, after the outcome, you are made the leader instead.

His country's industry is not as advanced as in the North and his country relies heavily on slave labor, unlike the north, which is full of “good and upright businessmen”, implying that the North is more industrialized. The situation is based off of the real-life American Civil War.

He is based off General Robert E. Lee, the military commander of the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Interestingly, President Cartwright is the president, not the general (which would be based on Ulysses S. Grant), while the President of the Confederacy during the Civil War was Jefferson Davis, who bears no resemblance to General Dee. This may be because Lee is more iconic and well known than Davis.

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