Your General is an old school soldier. He has seen many battles and is very experienced – his advice is always well thought out and you can trust his judgment. Grivus is not a man of many words; he always says in a nutshell what he thinks. But he is also loyal to his king and will execute your instructions unconditionally.

General Grivus gives quests, most of which are related to military actions. These quests can often be aborted.

He also is a visitor - and quest giver - in Greva Darn's Summer Casino in 2015 Summer Event and 2016 Summer Event.

In 2016 Winter Event he is the man inside the frosty costume who gives the winter quests. This is revealed on December 25th in 2016.


Gallery of General Grivus
During Bronze Age to Iron Age During Early Middle Ages to High Middle Ages During Late Middle Ages During Colonial Age
During Industrial Age During Progressive Era During Modern Era During Postmodern Era
During Contemporary Era During Tomorrow During the Future to Arctic Future During Oceanic Future
During Virtual Future During Space Age Mars During Space Age Asteroid Belt
During Summer Events During the 2016 Winter Event

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