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Generalfeldmarschall Schledorf is owner of the provinces Kriegreich and Ostrand in the Progressive Era.

Allied to Kaiser Joseph Franz of Langenreich and Uceria, he is waging a war against alliance of Queen Lydia I of Uxrow and Gaelford, General Jean Joffre of Omoien and Tsar Piotr of Gorski. The two central states seem to have technological advantage, but are lacking in manpower. In communication with the player, Schledorf is formal if on peace terms, expressing desire to negotiate for central powers' supplies to be able to continue war efforts, and threatening militarily if the player attacks his lands. Once player annexes Havre, he gains attention of both alliances as well as access to Uxrow, Omoien and Kriegreich. This comes with four story options the player may follow:

  1. They may side against him and the Kaiser in the war by attacking Kriegreich. This grants you the gratitude of the western allies, who send some rewards to you along the way.
  2. They may join the central powers by attacking either Uxrow or Omoien. Going this path grants you the gratitude of Schledorf and of the Kaiser, as well as different rewards.
  3. They may become a third belligerent party, fighting against both alliances at the same time by attacking both Kriegreich and Uxrow/Omoien. Again, this changes the mission rewards.
  4. They may start a peacebringing process by taking foreign provinces by negotiation, rather than by force. The peacebringing storyline has the player combat the horrors of war, trying to bring all leaders to the negotiating table.

No matter what option player chooses though, the story converges when a smear propaganda campaign accusing the player of commiting war crimes and a bombing at a peace conference, leading to all leaders declaring war on the player (either ordinary war, or, if the player expanded aggressively, they unite against him in a total war). Once King Vittorio Emanuele of Sud reveals Tsar Piotr to be the mastermind behind the war as well as the attacks aimed at the player, the player progressively starts to eliminate all other warring states to reach Gorski and depose the Tsar. In this goal, after the player removes Queen Lydia and General Joffre from war, they annex Schledorf's lands next to secure land connection to Gorski.

The realm of Kriegreich and Ostrand is based on the German Empire. The borders of Kriegreich represent most of present day Germany (and peninsular part of Denmark), Ostrand represents Prussia. The names of the provinces mean "War Empire" (Kriegreich) and "Eastern Edge" (Ostrand) in German. Schledorf is likely a composite character based on several prominent German generals, most likely Erich Ludendorff, Paul von Hindenburg and Alfred von Schlieffen. The rank "Generalfeldmarschall" (Field marshall) was a real-life military rank of German Empire, which was held by Schlieffen and Hindenburg,

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