Your Highness!

In our research lab, old equipment is piling up. No wonder I am so confused all the time, I can't work well in chaos like this. We should find a way to get rid of the old stuff. Maybe there will even be some scraps that can be reused.



Your Highness!

Hooray! With the new Junkyard we were finally able to clean up the lab. And some of the junked stuff could be salvaged and reused! Unfortunately though, I am missing my favorite lab coat. I hope it didn't get thrown away...


  • 1 FPM
  • 1 Random Rewardrandom reward

Additional Information

Abortable: YES

Previous Quest: Home Front or I Have a Dream

Next Quest: Married... with Parents or Supply Chain or Deep Thought


  1. Spare parts is 15-minute production of Junkyard
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