The Goat Farm is an Iron Age production building. It can be unlocked after having researched the Stock Breeding technology in the Iron Age.

Compared to the Blacksmith, the Goat Farm is slightly less efficient due to its high population cost. However, if the player's town has a lot of population available, the Goat Farm does produce more supplies per tile.

It is required for some quests (for example, making One Sixth of a Cheese Wheel 8 times to finish the side quest).


Production 11 per hour and tile.[1]


In update 1.85, the graphic of the Goat Farm was reworked.


Item Name Production Time Amount
Goat Farm 1 One Sixth of a Cheese Wheel Clock 00:05:00 Production 40
Goat Farm 2 One Third of a Cheese Wheel Clock 00:15:00 Production 90
Goat Farm 3 Half a Cheese Wheel Clock 01:00:00 Production 220
Goat Farm 4 Two Thirds of a Cheese Wheel Clock 04:00:00 Production 360
Goat Farm 5 Five Sixths of a Cheese Wheel Clock 08:00:00 Production 540
Goat Farm 6 Whole Cheese Wheel Clock 24:00:00 Production 1,080

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  1. Efficiency is measured by an assumed maximum production per hour (with the 1-hour-production option) divided by the number of tiles that the actual building occupies. To be used as a simple and objective comparison towards other production buildings.
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