The Gong of Wisdom is a special building released during the 2017 Spring Event. The Gong of Wisdom is part of the Cherry Garden Set.

2018 Spring Event released the Gong of Wisdom Selection Kit which allowed to upgrade the Gong of Wisdom to level 2, thus improving its properties.

The Gong of Wisdom comes with the special set bonus. The amount of Forge Points and medals received depends on how many other Cherry Garden Set buildings it is adjacent to.

Amount of medals also depends on the players current era. The Gong of Wisdom advances along with the players age without the need of a Renovation Kit or One Up Kit. Forge Point production remains constant through the ages.

The Gong of Wisdom does not require a road connection and cannot be motivated or plundered.

Set Bonus

For more information see the Set Bonuses.

The Gong of Wisdom comes with the special set bonus. When it is adjacent to other buildings belonging to the Cherry Garden Set the properties of the building are improved.

The Gong of Wisdom is the center of the set configuration, it will need to be connected to all four buildings to function fully and vice versa.


Gong of Wisdom Upgrade

The Gong of Wisdom can be upgraded with a Gong of Wisdom Upgrade Kit item. To upgrade the Gong of Wisdom, use the Gong of Wisdom Upgrade item on the Gong of Wisdom that is already situated in your city. Its upgraded version will then be placed directly on the same spot in your city and the production timer will not be reset.


Every 24 hours the Gong of Wisdom will produce the following resources. Base resources will always be produced. Bonus resources are determined by how many other unique Cherry Garden Set buildings it is connected to.

Age Medals Cherry garden 1st Bonus
Cherry garden 2nd Bonus
Cherry garden 3rd Bonus
Cherry garden 4th Bonus
BA 1 1 1 1 2
CA 3
INA 2 3 4
PE 4 5
ME 4 5 6
PME 5 7 10
CE 6 10 15
TE 8 12 20
FE 10 15 25
AF 12 30
OF 15 16 35
VF 18 18 40
SAM  ? 22 48

Age Medals Cherry garden 1st Bonus
Cherry garden 2nd Bonus
Cherry garden 3rd Bonus
Cherry garden 4th Bonus
BA 1 2 2 2 2
LMA 3 5
CA 4 6
INA 2 6 8
PE 8 10
ME 4 10 12
PME 5 12 15
CE 6 15 20
TE 8 18 25
FE 10 21 30
AF 12 25 35
OF 15 30 40
VF 18 35 45
SAM  ? 44 55


  • Gong of Wisdom Lvl 1
  • Gong of Wisdom Lvl 2

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