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Welcome to Forge of Empires Wiki's Guide Library!
Do 1.9 threads confuse you, or perhaps you would like an analysis of all the Great Buildings?
Are words like CdM, GBG and HoF meaningless? Then fear not, for I shall help you find the answers!

As a part of the Decennial Celebrations of the Forge of Empires Wiki, we are proud to present before you a completely revamped Guides section - the likes of which have never been seen before. Over here, you can find close to 50 guides covering every single aspect of the game. Sorted alphabetically, under headings like "Fighting and Negotiations", "Great Buildings", "Strategy Guides" etc, these guides are the publications of some of the top players of the game. They've reached the peak, and now want you to do so too.

If you're wondering how to put your guide on this list, then worry not. Only the best of the best appear here. Once you're ready with your creation, contact an admin for it to be reviewed, and if they approve it then it will come on this list. Alternatively, all new guides will be reviewed at least once a year, and will be added to this list if they're high quality.

A few things to remember. The guides are the player's own creation, and the wiki does not endorse any viewpoints presented in them. Sometimes, guides might be edited to add links, correct typos or fix formatting errors. Apart from these reasons, kindly avoid editing other's guides, as a gesture of goodwill towards the author. It may happen that some guides have become outdated. If this is the case, then please ask permission from the author first before proceeding with any changes.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if you like) and dive into the Guide Library!

Fighting & Negotiations[]

  1. Advanced Attacking for The Novice
  2. Armies and Battles
  3. Defense Basics and Strategies
  4. Guild Expedition Negotiations
  5. Military Basic Training
  6. Units Through the Ages

Great Buildings[]

  1. 1.8 Guild Thread
  2. 1.9 Guild Thread
  3. 1.9 Thread
  4. All Forge of Empires Great Buildings Ranked
  5. Blueprints drop rate when aiding
  6. Château Frontenac as Perpetual Motion Machine
  7. Forge Point Swap Threads
  8. FP Swap Notes
  9. Great Buildings Analysis[1]
  10. Oracle of Delphi Rating
  11. Sniping

Strategy Guides[]

  1. 5 Smart Tips to Help New Players
  2. Beginners Guide to Forge of Empires
  3. Fast Progressing Strategy Guide
  4. Strategy Guide


  1. Bronze Age Strategy Guide
  2. Iron Age Strategy Guide
  3. Early Middle Ages Strategy Guide
  4. Late Middle Ages Strategy Guide


  1. Aiding and Visiting Taverns
  2. City Planning
  3. Efficiency
  4. Maximising Space - Examples by Players
  5. Medal Building Efficiency
  6. Space Efficiency for Production Buildings
  7. What to Polivate

Events & Quests[]

  1. Carnival Event 2019 - Optimising Tickets on Games
  2. Quest Tips and Tricks
  3. Tips and Tricks for Quests
  4. Winter Spire 2018 - Matchstick Formula


  1. Acronyms
  2. Did You Know?
  3. ForgeDB[2]
  4. Research and Goods
  5. Resource Requirements Per Age[3]


  1. Incomplete.
  2. This is not a guide in itself, but a website that provides useful tools. By ForgeDB.
  3. Only up till Arctic Future