Cavalry class unit of Late Middle Ages. Having moderate damage and defense point, and a special ability of "Chivalry", Heavy Knight gains bonus damage and defense points of +5 when it is the only unit with "Chivalry" ability of your army. Effective against short range unit but vulnerable against light unit.

During Late Middle Ages, Heavy Knight is comparable to Great Sword Warrior and Imperial Guard with similar stat points. Players should choose their unit depend on enemies' unit type more than stats.

Heavy Knight is strong against Longbow Archer

Recommended to use against cannons because they have low defense and heavy knight moves fast, can kill a cannon in just 2 hits


During the 100 years war against the English, the French were heavily relying on heavy armored, mounted knights and men-at-arms. The extra armour make them very resilient and strong into close combat, but were very vulnerable at range. The horse has to be very strong to carry the armoured rider, his own armour, and at the same time charging the enemy. Despite the fact that they were the strongest cavalry in the 100 years war, they weren't a match after all against the english longbowmen. In general the knight should be able to easily charge and kill ranged units, but due to the heavy armour, the horses weren't quick enough to stand a chance.

Heavy Kinghts were often equipped with some form of scale, silver, chain mail or lamellar armor and swords or, maces or spears.

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