Your Grace! Careful! Our siege of King Darkblood's mountain stronghold goes well, but his sorcerers are up to something. Massive black clouds gather over Grand Gap. They have the form of huge dragons! The soldiers are terrified. We have to keep them from deserting!


  • Happiness Gain 800 happiness
  • 1-Hours-Production in the brewery / 4-Hours-Production in the Tobacco Plantation / 8-Hours-Production in the Chemical Plant Produce 6 kegs of beer, 6 boxes of cigars or 6 explosives (Hint: You can produce kegs of beer in a brewery. You can produce cigars at the tobacco plantation. You can produce explosives at a chemical plant.)


Your Grace! The dark, dragon-shaped clouds over Grand Gap remain, but you were able to prevent your soldiers from deserting for now.


  • Coins 10,000 Coins

Additional Information

Abortable: No

Quest sequence:

Here be Dragons

Other Quests

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