The High Middle Ages (often shortened into HMA) is the 5th era in Forge of Empires. It is preceded by the Early Middle Ages and followed by the Late Middle Ages. The High Middle Ages was the period of European history around the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries. The rapidly increasing population of Europe brought about great social and political change from the preceding era (EMA), the Renaissance of the 12th century, including the first developments of rural exodus and urbanization. This period also occurs during the crusades and the Mongol invasion of eastern Europe.

This era includes seven large provinces to conquer: Canturia, Breturia, Veletrites, Frathia, Jaims, Mons Suiry, and Moravaria.



Old World Continent
Bronze to Colonial Age Map HR
Provinces Rewards
Canturia Medals
Breturia GoB
Veletrites CoinsSupplies
Frathia Size
Jaims CoinsSupplies
Mons Suiry GoB
Moravaria Size


Requirements for Research
Forge 733
Coins 53,000
Supplies 194,000
Stone 66
Lumber 79
Marble 94
Dye 90
Wine 71
Limestone 28
Ebony 42
Iron 47
Cloth 30
Jewelry 10
Alabaster 20
Copper 20
Gold 41
Granite 60
Honey 30
Brick 40
Dried Herbs 34
Glass 50
Rope 4
Salt 11


Residential Buildings

Brownstone House Town House Mansion
Population 2x2 Population 2x2 Population 2x2
BrownstoneHouse Town House Mansion
Coins 90 in 1h

Population +94

Coins 340 in 8hrs

Population +156

Coins 340 in 4hrs

Population +188

Construction Costs
Coins 1,800

Supplies 7,000

Clock 3:20:00h

Coins 2,800

Supplies 10,500

Clock 4:40:00h

Diamonds 300

Clock 0:00:20h

Production Buildings

Alchemist Farm Windmill
Population 3x2 Population 4x5 Population 3x4
Alchemist Farm Windmill
Supplies 180 in 1hr Supplies 730 in 1hr Supplies 770 in 1hr
Construction Costs
Coins 15,000

Supplies 3,100

Population 40

Clock 5:20:00h

Coins 64,000

Supplies 5,600

Population 269

Clock 8:10:00h

Diamonds 500

Population 148

Clock 0:00:20h

Military Buildings

Berserker Barracks

Crossbow Range Knight 


3x3 3x3 3x4
Berserker Crossbowman Knight
Construction Costs
Coins 21,720

Supplies 18,130

Population 260

Clock 6:00:00h

Coins 27,160

Supplies 22,660

Population 346

Clock 6:50:00h



Population 563

Clock 7:30:00h

Goods Buildings

Goods buildings of the High Middle Ages
Building cost and time: Coins 14,000 Supplies 27,000 Clock 07:30:00
Population needed: Population 460 Production cost (4 hours): Coins 800 Supplies 800
Brickworks Glassblower Herb Merchant
Brickworks Glassblower Herb Merchant
Tech: Quality Products Tech: Guilds Tech: Quality Products
Size: 4x3 Size: 4x3 Size: 4x3
Production: Brick Production: Glass Production: Dried Herbs
Deposit: Clay Deposit: Quartz Deposit: Herbs
Ropery Saltworks Production cost ratios
Ropery Saltworks Clock 04:00:00
Coins 800 Supplies 800

Clock 08:00:00
Coins 1,600 Supplies 1,600

Clock 24:00:00
Coins 3,200 Supplies 3,200

Clock 48:00:00
Coins 4,800 Supplies 4,800
Tech: Guilds Tech: Conservation
Size: 3x2 Size: 3x4
Production: Rope Production: Salt
Deposit: Hemp Deposit: Unrefined Salt
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