A) If you continued attacking Ludwig's territories

Your Majesty! Grave news! Ludwig's men infiltrated [your city] and tried to sneak into the castle.They were spotted by your guards, but they managed to break into Princess Myciena's quarters and now hold her hostage! We have to save her!


  • Recruit 2 units

B) If you trusted Ludwig and traded with him

Your Majesty! Grave news! Ludwig proved to be a traitor once more! He lured Princess Myciena into a trap and is holding her captive now. He demands you to halt your armies and pay an outlandish ransom.


  • Delete 5 units
  • Pay 15,000 coins



Your Majesty! Well done. We were able to break into the room where Princess Myciena was held. The soldiers brought her back alive and well.


Your Majesty! We have met Ludwig\'s demands. Now we can only hope that he returns Princess Myciena unharmed.


  • Random Reward

Additional Information

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Intruder Alert if you continued attacking Ludwig's territories

Previous Quest: Bearer of Good Tidings if you trusted Ludwig and traded with him.

Next Quest: The Princess is Free

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