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The Hover Tank is the heavy military unit of the Future Era. It is unlocked through the Gravity Fields, and is the second unlocked unit of the Future Era. It is trained in the Hover Tank Base and it can also be received by completing the Greetings from a Friend and Business in Bisoraba Story Quests.

Compared to the Stealth Tank, the Hover Tank gains 15 defense and has greatly improved range, though attack stays the same and movement is decreased (but it is able to pass through water tiles). Bonuses against ranged units are increased greatly, though against fast units, it is decreased slightly (and is negligible). It keeps the Stealth ability on plains, but also gains a new Force Field ability, taking two less hit points of damage per attack to a minimum of one.


The Hover Tank is a massive improvement from the Stealth Tank, owing to it's greatly increased range, which the Stealth Tank clearly lacked. In addition, the Hover Tank's Force Field ability can prevent it from taking serious damage especially from artillery units that can attack the Hover Tank hiding on Plains, and it can usually reach from one end to the battlefield and attack units in other end in two turns as well.

Its ability to pass through water tiles is highly situational, as some maps have barely any water tiles (or even no water at all), but on maps with a lot of water it can make a signifcant difference. However, in manual combat it can be exploited by a skilled player by getting enemy Hover Tanks to stand on the water, thus losing their stealth.

It can be used as a higher era unit as well, and it is extremely powerful against all units in the Contemporary Era and below. It can also attack units with the Contact! ability such as the MG Team, Anti-Aircraft Vehicle and Ultra AP without fear of retaliation, due to its superior range, and can easily be used to auto-battle fights in Guild Battlegrounds and even in Level 4 Guild Expeditions, without fear of much damage to your real Hover Tank if paired with rogues.

However, the biggest threats to the Hover Tank are artillery units, as they can generally ignore the Hover Tank's Stealth ability, and units from higher ages as well, though the Hover Tank still remains effective as long as you have a sufficiently strong army boost. Also note that, like the Stealth Tank, it is better to skip an attack than to become visible and attack the enemy. Without Stealth, the Hover Tank will become a vulnerable target.

Against Same Age Units[]

Ranged UnitSatellite Spotter[]

The Hover Tank is the best counter to the Satellite Spotter, as the Hover Tank can easily hide over their long range. Their great bonuses against ranged units means that they can easily kill Satellite Spotters, and when Satellite Spotters attack Hover Tanks, they will do usually do incredibly little damage (thanks to the Hover Tank's Force Field ability), and suffer a terrible retaliation.

Fast UnitDrone Swarm[]

Although the Hover Tank has bonuses against fast units, combined with their Stealth ability, this is usually negligible when fighting Drone Swarms, as their bonuses against fast units are tiny and Drone Swarms are melee units. Despite this, the Hover Tank is very efficient at killing Drone Swarms, as long as they are not located in forests or houses. As Drone Swarms are melee units, they will have to receive retaliation for their attacks. However, the Drone Swarm can often deal somewhat considerable damage to the Hover Tanks, even though the Hover Tank has the Force Field Ability.

Light UnitExoskeleton Soldier[]

The Exoskeleton Soldier is one of two counters to the Hover Tank. They have high bonuses against heavy units and the Blast ability to ignore their Stealth, so Hover Tanks are immediately vulnerable to them. The Hover Tank cannot generally damage the Exoskeleton Soldier effectively, but the Hover Tank's Force Field ability can often prevent Exoskeleton Soldiers from dealing too much damage. They are generally not a big problem as long as you have a good enough attack and defense boost, however.

Artillery UnitRail Gun[]

The Rail Gun is the other counter to the Hover Tank. Unlike previous age artillery units, the Rail Gun has an exceptionally long range and very high attack and defense as well as bonuses against heavy units and the Power Shot ability, so they can ignore the Stealth ability of the Hover Tank and deal a lot of damage to them, even with the absorbed hit points. However, the Rail Gun can only fire once every two turns, so that often means that the Hover Tank can still deal a lot of damage to them whilst they are reloading, but it will be severly hindered by the very high defense of the Rail Gun.

Other Military Units[]

Military Units
All Ages Heavy Unit Color GuardLight Unit Military DrummerLight Unit RogueFast Unit/Heavy Unit Champion
Bronze Age Light Unit SpearfighterLight Unit ClubmanHeavy Unit WarriorFast Unit Horseman
Ranged Unit SlingerArtillery Unit Stone Thrower
Iron Age Light Unit SoldierHeavy Unit LegionnaireFast Unit Mounted Warrior
Ranged Unit ArcherArtillery Unit Ballista
Early Middle Ages Light Unit MercenaryHeavy Unit Armored InfantryHeavy Unit BarbarianFast Unit Heavy Cavalry
Ranged Unit Mounted ArcherRanged Unit Barbarian SlingerArtillery Unit Catapult
High Middle Ages Light Unit BerserkerHeavy Unit Heavy InfantryFast Unit Knight
Ranged Unit CrossbowmanArtillery Unit Trebuchet
Late Middle Ages Light Unit Great Sword WarriorHeavy Unit Imperial GuardFast Unit Heavy Knight
Ranged Unit Longbow ArcherArtillery Unit Cannon
Colonial Age Light Unit RangerHeavy Unit GrenadierFast Unit Dragoon
Ranged Unit MusketeerArtillery Unit Field Gun
Industrial Age Light Unit Jaeger InfantryLight Unit Brave WarriorHeavy Unit HowitzerFast Unit Lancer
Ranged Unit RiflemanRanged Unit Mounted BraveArtillery Unit Breech Loader
Progressive Era Light Unit ConscriptHeavy Unit TankFast Unit Armored Car
Ranged Unit SniperArtillery Unit Rapid Fire Cannon
Modern Era Light Unit Bazooka TeamHeavy Unit Battle TankFast Unit Mechanized Infantry
Ranged Unit ParatrooperArtillery Unit Mechanized Artillery
Postmodern Era Light Unit CommandoHeavy Unit Universal TankFast Unit IFV
Ranged Unit MG TeamArtillery Unit Rocket Artillery
Contemporary Era Light Unit Strike TeamHeavy Unit Assault TankFast Unit Attack Helicopter
Ranged Unit Anti-Aircraft VehicleArtillery Unit Missile Artillery
Tomorrow Era Light Unit Ultra APHeavy Unit Stealth TankFast Unit Combat Drone
Ranged Unit Anti-Materiel SniperArtillery Unit Microwave Blaster
Future Era Light Unit Exoskeleton SoldierHeavy Unit Hover TankFast Unit Drone Swarm
Ranged Unit Satellite SpotterArtillery Unit Rail Gun
Arctic Future Light Unit Dragon DroneHeavy Unit Battle FortressHeavy Unit Behemoth
Fast Unit Recon RaiderRanged Unit Surrogate SoldierArtillery Unit Plasma Artillery
Oceanic Future Light Unit MantaLight Unit ScimitarHeavy Unit C.R.A.B. MechHeavy Unit Octopod
Fast Unit Hydroelectric EelFast Unit GlidersRanged Unit Sub CruiserRanged Unit Nautilus
Artillery Unit TurturretArtillery Unit Medusa
Virtual Future Light Unit Augmented SamuraiRanged Unit NinjaArtillery Unit Rocket TroopHeavy Unit Ronin BotFast Unit Warrior Monk
Space Age Mars Light Unit Space MarineRanged Unit Tesla WalkerArtillery Unit SniperbotHeavy Unit Steel WardenFast Unit Sentinel
Space Age Asteroid Belt Light Unit Drill RangerRanged Unit Nail StormArtillery Unit B.E.L.T.Heavy Unit ShredderFast Unit Hover Hammer
Space Age Venus Light Unit Observer DroneRanged Unit Ghost BlasterArtillery Unit Power DragonHeavy Unit Steel FistFast Unit Energy Cannon

Legend: Light Units.png= Light Unit Class Ranged Units.png= Ranged Unit Class Artillery Units.png= Artillery Unit Class Heavy Units.png= Heavy Unit Class Fast Units.png= Fast Unit Class