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Dear Players!

Arctic culture has by now dominated the society of your city.
Arctic-inspired buildings can be seen all around. 
The final chapter of the fight for domination in the Arctic region will begin 
on December 7th, 2016.

You will also come across interesting news that will eventually 
drive your focus away from Arctic...
Arctic4 promo pic

With this fourth and final part of the Arctic Future we are giving you:

  • 39 story quests that continue your journey into the Arctic
  • 10 rejectable quests
  • 13 campaign map provinces
  • 7 new technologies to research
  • 1 workshop
  • 2 military buildings
  • 2 culture buildings (including a premium one)
  • 1 residential building
  • 1 decoration
  • 1 new Great Building
Arctic flake

As you probably know (or at least heard if you're not yet in the Arctic Future) the right choice of crew members is crucial to increase your promethium loot. With this new content extension, we unlock the last crew member spot. What's more, you get 4 new potential crew members to choose from, and they all come with new abilities:


Silas, Sela and Stellan. The Triplets were the best of their year and now want to make their dreams come true together. They work as guard and if they're hired together, they will boost each other's abilities.


Kita, a scientist, will share her knowledge with other crew members, increasing the experience they gain from the journey.

Choose your crew wisely to get the best possible balance of time, damage and loot!

Arctic flake
Force field

You may be a bit surprised, but this time we introduce not one, but two army units! One of them will be an artillery unit - Plasma Artillery. It will use two already known skills: "Heat" and "Blast". The other unit will be an additional, special one - the Behemoth - a heavy unit, that in addition to the "Stealth" skill, also has an energy shield. Its strength and endurance will arouse fear among your enemies!

Arctic flake

The Seed Vault preserves a wide variety of plant seeds and secures their genetical code against global catastrophes and natural disasters. The stored frozen seed samples are backups of other seed banks worldwide.

It takes up 5x6 space in size, and comes with an active and passive bonus. Its active bonus produces supplies every 24h. Its passive bonus is a new ability - the Helping Hands. This bonus gives you a certain chance to get a random resource whenever you're aiding other players.

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