A lot has happened in the VR Network. A man called "Dr. Neurodeath" was tasked by one government to program new interfaces responsible for the routing processes within the VR network. Using a switch he secretly placed in the code allowed him to temporarily take control over the whole VR network. He used this moment of absolute power to overwrite owner certificates and header files, granting him a big share of all VR domains. From this moment on, "Dr. Neurodeath" was the Number One in the VR network. Throughout all his domains, he enforced weird laws and regulations, and some markets almost collapsed under the burden of his insanity. ​ The second part of the Virtual Future will be available on Wednesday, the 14th of November, after the Update to Version 1.139 takes place.

With this second part of the Virtual Future we are giving you:

New Unit

The second part of the Virtual Future also comes with one new artillery unit.

Rocket Troop

  • Attack: 300 // Defense: 200 // Range: 24 // Movement: 12
  • Skill: Mortar 2
  • Its shots also cause 50% damage to the units within two tiles range around the target unit.

New Continent

After controlling all provinces from the first part of the Virtual Future you will now advance further into the Virtual Network. A whole new continent awaits you and wants to be freed from the evil Dr. Neurodeath.

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

Yours, The Forge of Empires Beta Team

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