Incidents are little things that happen in and around city, while you are online or offline. Incidents are planned at the first log-in of the day (server time) - so when you did not log in the day before, do not expect to find left over incidents as only newly planned incidents will appear over the next 24 hours.

Incidents do not appear from the very beginning - after founding a new city it will take 24-48 hours for the first incident to appear.

Each login changes the place where existing incidents are placed. You may have up to 15, but no less than 10 incidents spawning during one day. If you encounter more of them, you probably missed some the day before. Also, events may be planned to appear on two-wide roads, no matter if the player has any or even is able to build any.

When you click on an incident, it will disappear and give you something in return – mainly in-game resources, including Coins coins and Supplies supplies, but also Medals medals, GoB goods[1], Forge forge points[2], boosts or even Diamondsdiamonds! Of course, rare incidents will contain better rewards than the common or uncommon ones. If not collected, each incident will disappear 24 hours after it's occurrence.

For now, there are 16 common, 9 uncommon and 2 rare incidents. They can occur anywhere on the city map: 3 of them appear on the shore, 3 on the water, 6 on your roads (both on single roads and two-lane streets, note that they will stop the traffic if you have animations on), and 15 in the wilderness. Although incidents placed on roads cause a visual traffic-jam, they do not affect the road's ability to connect buildings to the Town Hall. The blocked roads are purely aesthetic.

Incidents have a blinking glow appearing around them very often (on the app, it is a double-blink every 5 seconds), the color of that glow depends on their rarity. However, those incidents that appear on your roads can be hidden by the buildings you have in your city, so you can easily miss them.

Types of Incidents

Woods Water Beach Roads (stops the traffic)
A Kite Stuck in a Tree

Incident kite

An Overturned Kayak

Incident castaway

A Distress Signal on a Beach

Incident sos

A Fallen Tree (1x1)

Incident fallen tree 1x1

A Fallen Tree (2x2) Incident fallen tree 2x2

A Broken Cart

Incident broken cart

A Fisherman on a Boat

Incident fisherman

Crates From a Shipwreck

Incident flotsam

Potholes (1x1)

Incident pothole 1x1

Potholes (2x2)

Incident pothole 2x2

Stalks of Wheat

Incident overgrowth

A Big Standing Crate

Incident crates

A Buried Treasure Chest

Incident treasure chest

Beehives in a Tree

Incident beehive


Incident clothesline
Incident empty clothesline

A Fruit Vendor

Incident fruit vendor

Woods Water Beach Roads
A Stick Hut With a 'Home' Sign

Incident stick hut

Ship Wreckage

Incident shipwreck

A Blocked Road (1x1)

Incident blocked road 1x1

A Blocked road (2x2) Incident blocked road 2x2

Wine Barrels

Incident wine cask

A Sculptor With a Marble Statue

Incident sculptor

An Archaeological Site with Mammoth Bones

Incident mammoth bones

An Archaeological Site with Dinosaur Bones

Incident dinosaur bones

Excavations of a Stone Head

Incident statue

Woods Water Beach Roads
A Bonsai Tree with Half-wall (Musician)

Incident musician

A Stranded Rhino on a Raft

Incident rhino

Woods Water Beach Roads
A Quicksand Area

Incident quicksand

A Floating Chest

Incident floating chest

Beach Gear

Incident beach gear

A Car Accident

Incident car accident


For the previous versions please check Incidents/Old Versions

Age Age Coins Coins
Supplies Supplies
Medals Medals GoB Goods
39.75%Coins+39.75%Supplies=79.5%[3] 13.2%[3] 7.3%[3]
BA 20 Coins/Supplies 2 Medals 2 of one type GoB
(all ages)
IA 60 Coins/Supplies 6 Medals
EMA 100 Coins/Supplies 10 Medals
HMA 160 Coins/Supplies 14 Medals
LMA 240 Coins/Supplies 20 Medals
CA 300 Coins/Supplies 24 Medals
INA 380 Coins/Supplies 30 Medals
PE 480 Coins/Supplies 36 Medals
ME 560 Coins/Supplies 44 Medals
PME 660 Coins/Supplies 50 Medals
CE 760 Coins/Supplies 58 Medals
TE 880 Coins/Supplies 64 Medals
FE 980 Coins/Supplies 72 Medals
AF 1,100 Coins/Supplies 80 Medals
OF 1,220 Coins/Supplies 88 Medals
VF 1,360 Coins/Supplies 98 Medals

Age Age Blueprint Blueprint Motivation kit MO Kit GoB Goods Medals Medals Forge FPs
19.7%[4] 18.5%[4] 24.7%[4] 22%[4] 15.1%[4]
BA 1 Blueprint
(all ages)
1 Motivation kit
(all ages)
5 of one GoB
(all ages)
5 Medals 2 Forge
(all ages)
IA 15 Medals
EMA 25 Medals
HMA 35 Medals
LMA 50 Medals
CA 60 Medals
INA 75 Medals
PE 90 Medals
ME 110 Medals
PME 125 Medals
CE 145 Medals
TE 160 Medals
FE 180 Medals
AF 200 Medals
OF 220 Medals
VF 245 Medals

Age Age Forge FPs Diamonds Diamonds 10% Taxes/Production Boost GoB Goods
16.9%[5] 8.5%[5] 43.5%[5] 31.1%[5]
BA 5 Forge
(all ages)
5 Diamonds
(all ages)
1 Supplies small/Coins small
(all ages)
10 of one type GoB
(all ages)


  1. goods received are always (refined) goods of the players current age
  2. forge points collected from incidents will always be added to the FP bar, no matter how many FP it already holds
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Based on a sample of 12192 common incidents.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 Based on a sample of 1931 uncommon incidents.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 Based on a sample of 331 rare incidents.


  • Rhino on a Raft incident.
  • Shipwrecked Crates incident.
  • Fruit Vendor incident.
  • Kite Stuck in Tree incident.
  • Big Crate incident.
  • Broken Cart incident.
  • Clothesline incident (with clothes).
  • Stalks of Wheat incident.
  • Archaeological dig-site incident (dinosaur bones).
  • Fallen Tree Incident (small).
  • Bonsai Tree incident.
  • Hut incident.
  • Beehive Tree incident.
  • Kayak incident.
  • Archaeological dig-site incident (mammoth bones).
  • Shipwreck Incident.
  • Treasure Chest incident.
  • Wine Barrel incident.
  • Marble Statue incident.
  • Archaeological dig-site incident (stone head).















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