InnoGames GmbH is a developer and publisher of browser-based and mobile online games. By the end of 2012, InnoGames reached 100 million registered players and generated about 50 million Euro in revenue.[1]


In 2003, founders Hendrik and Eike created and released the browser-based online game Die Stämme as a hobby project. At the end of 2005, this game reached more than 50,000 active players. Due to the success, they decided to work full-time on the development and publishing of browser games. InnoGames was founded in early 2007 to handle the operation and continued development of the game. Since then, the company has developed new games and publish their games worldwide.[2]

In May 2010, the investor Fidelity Growth Partners Europe (FGPE) joined InnoGames with a minority share. Also in 2010, former Electronic Arts executive Gerhard Florin joined InnoGames as Chairman.[3]

Mobile initiative

While InnoGames still puts focus on browser development, a shift toward mobile and cross-platform play is on-going. The first title that the company launched on mobile platforms was Tribal Wars, its founding game. Grepolis, another of its strategy browser titles, was also launched onto mobile platforms in 2013. Finally in 2014, Forge of Empires has also been converted to tablet and mobile and increased the company's revenues.[4]


  • Tribal Wars - Strategy game in a medieval setting, iOS & Google Play.
  • The West - Role-playing game in a Wild West setting, Browser Game.
  • Grepolis - Strategy game in an Ancient Greek setting, iOS & Google Play.
  • Forge of Empires - City building game, iOS & Google Play, iOS & Google Play.
  • Tribal Wars 2 - New version of Tribal Wars, iOS & Google Play.
  • Elvenar - Fantasy city building game, Browser Game.

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