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{{Infobox Deco
{{Infobox Decoration
|Box title = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = File:{{PAGENAME}}.png
|image = File:{{PAGENAME}}.png
|imagewidth = 104
|imagewidth = 104
|caption = The {{PAGENAME}}
|Age = [[Modern Era]]
|Row 1 title = Age
|Technology = [[Commercial Aviation (tech)|Commercial Aviation]]
|Row 1 info = {{AGE}} [[:Category:Modern Era|Modern Era]]
|Coins = 59,640
|Row 2 title = Technology
|Supplies = 115,050
|Row 2 info = {{Tech}} [[Commercial Aviation (tech)|Commercial Aviation]]
|Size = 2x3
|Row 3 title = Building cost
|Happiness = 433
|Row 3 info = {{Coins}} 59,640 {{Supplies}} 115,050
|Row 4 title = Building Time
|Row 4 info = {{TIM}} 0:00:05
|Row 5 title = Size
|Row 5 info = {{SIZ}} 2x3
|Row 6 title = Happiness Provided
|Row 6 info = {{Happiness}} <font color="lime">+433</font>
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{{Happiness}} <font color="lime">+72.17</font> per tile.
{{IHAP}} <font color="lime">+72.17</font> per tile<ref>The efficiency is calculated by the happiness it provides divided by the number of squares the building takes up in size.</ref>.
<br style="clear: both" />
===Output Modifier===
Your decoration can be [[Visitation_actions#Polish|polished]] to double the happiness provided to <font color="lime">+866</font> for 12 hours.
<br style="clear: both;" />
==Other decorations==
{{D Tab}}
{{D Tab}}
[[Category:Modern Era]]
[[Category:Modern Era]]
[[Category:Happiness Buildings]]
[[Category:Polished Buildings]]

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The Jet Statue is one of the five Modern Era decorations and can be build after researching Commercial Aviation. When the Jet Statue is polished, its output of happiness is doubled for 12 hours. Decoration does not need a road connection.


Happiness +72.17 per tile[1].

Output Modifier

Your decoration can be polished to double the happiness provided to +866 for 12 hours.

Other decorations

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  1. The efficiency is calculated by the happiness it provides divided by the number of squares the building takes up in size.
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