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Kaiserin Konstanze is a ruler in the Early Middle Ages and the Late Middle Ages. She owns Felssenke, Kaltenweiher, Sturmhohen, Teufelsfurt (EMA), Ravens Creek, Zaldon-on-Sea and Houndsmoor (LMA Bonus).


Kaiserin is the queen of all the provinces of the Early Middle Ages. She is described by Ragu Silvertongue as "ruthless and cruel," known for her oppressive taxes and seemingly random justice. According to Ragu, she has executed over a hundred people in the course of one month. Freiherr von Greifensprung and Freifrau Hagazussa were both vassals under her rule.


She is introduced when the player pursues Freifrau Hagazussa following her escape from Pfefferberg. Kaiserin sheltered Freifrau in her castle in Felssenke. Kaiserin is captured in the Take The Kaiserin's Castle quest, where she is taken prisoner after the player acquires four sectors of Felssenke. Freifrau would soon be captured after acquiring the final sector.

After her defeat in the Early Middle Ages, she escapes custody in the Late Middle Ages Bonus Questline and allies with Freifrau Hagazussa, King Godefrey Darkblood and Ludwig der Listige to take over the kingdom of Princess Myciena von Maidenport. She is again defeated in the A Bloody End quest and the player is given the choice to either execute her or spare her life. Following Kaiserin's recapture, the player then goes on to pursue Freifrau in the east.


While her name could link her to the Carolingian Empire. It is more likely that she represents Irene of Athens who ruled over the Byzantine Empire, her name translating roughly to "Empress of Constantinople".

The Carolingian Empire used Salic law. This prohibited a woman from inheriting the land and titles of her forefathers (Male descendants took precedence) so if her father had no sons, his brothers were next, so up and down a family line it would go until a male line could be followed.

It was part of the reason Pope Leo III gave for making Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor (no woman could hold the position so it was vacant).

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