A heavy melee unit of the iron age. Has a higher bonus than a Warrior would have against light melee units. Requires researching Chain of Command.

Legionnaire has the highest defensive value of 13 among the iron age military unit and a relatively low attack value of 8. Just like it predecessor, Warrior, they sacrifice their speed in exchange of a high defense.

They are good "wall" when against melee unit such as Soldier (light_melee), Mounted Warrior (fast) and even themselves (heavy_melee) but is vulnerable when aganist ranged unit like Archer (short_range) and Ballista (long_range) as both of them gain a attack bonus of 4 and 2 respectively.In additional of their slow speed, they are usually killed without able to attack their enemy when encountered with several range unit.

They have a attack bonus of 3 against Light Infantry (light_melee)


Legionnaire in Battle

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