Your Grace!

There is another haiku from Admiral Yamamoto for you, along with another present. "Merit means duty / even serving the wrong man / others must step in."


  • Spend 21 Forge


Your Grace!

I think I understand this one: "Merit" stands for Isao himself. He is bound by honor and duty to serve the Emperor. He can't openly do anything against him, but he wants you to do so in order to save his culture.


  • 100 Medals
  • 1 Random Reward

Additional Information

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Onwards or Devil's Helper or The Devil's Plans (depends on previous choices)

Next Quest: Take Igamoto or The Struggle for Igujima (if peaceful against Yamamoto Isao) or The Battle for Igujima (if you attacked Yamamoto Isao)

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