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There are a couple of ways to tackle the leveling of your Great Buildings (GB) and the investment of your Forge.png forge points. This page shall highlight some of the possible options and how they are implemented and where their respective strenghts (pros) and weaknesses (cons) are.

1.x Contribution[]

This is an option primarily used in guilds, but it is also possible to set up such a contribution group among friends. Ideally at least a couple of the group participants already have an Arc with a high level of at least 70, better 80.

In such a contribution group a GB owner offers places in their GBs that are secured for a specific contribution factor like 1.8, 1.85, 1.9 or even 1.95 (or any other value the group members agreed upon) and the other group participants pay the agreed upon contribution into the GB.

Set Up[]

  • Set up a group message with the relevant participants
    • if the group is used among friends for mutual contribution, all members of the group should befriend each other
    • otherwise, groups are common where only a single player offers their GB and that players friends only contribute to that one player
    • in guild message threads all guild members automatically take part
  • give the group message a proper name like "1.9 contribution" and make the contribution factor part of the title
  • all participants should be informed about the chosen set of rules on how the message thread should be used

Exemplary Ruleset[]

  • if you want to offer place(s):
    • make sure the places you want to offer are secured
    • copy the most recent message in the thread and add your own offers to the list before sending it
    • use a proper format for offering places like
      [Name of GB owner] - [ Name of GB] [secured places in the form of Px(needed FP) in ascending order]
      • stating the necessary FP amounts is not a must, but makes it a lot easier for the contributors
  • if you want to contribute to a place (take a place):
    • copy the most recent message and delete the places from it that you want to contribute to before resending it
    • make sure there was no overlap with another player's message by giving the system a chance to update the message view
    • contribute the necessary contribution (1.x times the FP award for the respective place) within a reasonable time frame (not more than half an hour, preferably immediatly)
    • if there are no places left (when you take all available places) make that obvious by sending an apropriate message like "null", "...", "x" or the like
    • if multiple places of the same GB are offered, the higher placements should be taken first to minimize risks of other players intruding into the GB with a profit
  • GB levels that were offered in the group should be finished within a reasonable timeframe to allow for the contributors to free up their invested/loaned FP for other investments
  • The places offered in this group should not be offered elsewhere to prevent overlapping contributions

Alternative Rules[]

  • players offering places post their GB and a message, which places are secure
  • players taking places post a message which place they want to take
  • these rules are more common in threads where a single player offers places to a group of players as it might get confusing quicky if several players offer places in a short time frame


  • GB owners receive a high and free Forge.png FP contribution
  • contributors may gain Forge.png FP - depending on the difference between their own Arc's factor and the groups contribution factor
  • contributors may gain Blueprints blueprints and Medals medals
    • even contributors without an own Arc may get Blueprints blueprints for a reasonable amount of invested FP when going for P4/P5
  • quick leveling as a big part of FP needed for the level is loaned by the contributors and the GB owner only needs to bring up the difference


  • at least a couple high level Arcs are needed for it to work properly
  • GB owners need to make sure the places are properly secured before they are offered
  • contributors need a decent amount of FP in their storage or may only contribute to places with (low) FP requirements fitting their FP income at harvest time

Securing a Place[]

A place is secured for a factor 1.x, when the reward for that place times the factor 1.x is equal or higher than half of the amount of FP needed to level the GB (plus the amount of FP already contributed to that place if there is).

There also are calculators available in the web or in browser extensions that help you calculate the needed amounts:

Example for 1.9 thread calculation:

  • GB has 400 FP remaining and P1 is currently occupied with 20 FP while giving 100FP (without bonus):
  • (400 + 20) / 1.9 = 221 - that is more than 2 x 100 - The GB owner needs to add 40 FP to secure the place:
  • the amount that needs to be added can be calculated like this: 400 + 20 - 2 x 1.9 x 100 = 420 - 380 = 40
[remaining] + [currently occupied] - 2 x 1.x x [reward for place]

= [amount to add to secure]
  • after 40 FP are added: (360 + 20) / 1.9 = 200 = 2x 100

Example of a Message Thread[]

Message Explanation
Beelze Arc P2(500) P1 (1000)
Beelze is offering two places in his arc, places are given in ascending order to allow for easy clearing of taken places
Beelze Arc P2(500)
P&M Traz P3 (200)
P&M indicates that he wants to take P1 in Beelze's Arc by clearing the place from the message and also adds an offer of P3 in his Alcatraz
Phoenix indicates that she is taking all the remaining places

Swap Deals[]

These are simple deals between two players to contribute into each others GB(s) a predetermined amount of FP (per day).

Set Up[]

  • the two players agree upon a certain amount of FP that they want to contribute, e.g.:
    • 20FP daily
    • 500 FP total within the next two weeks
  • the players each communicate to the other what GB should be contributed to
  • an additional group message can be set up between the two players for matters regarding the deal, but that is not a must


  • No FP stock needed
  • Even with a low FP income high placements can be achieved to get Blueprints blue prints, Medals medals and Forge.png FP for the stock
  • in connection with an Arc, decent FP returns can be achieved
  • very easy to set up and maintain


  • more expensive than a 1.x thread as only a part of the invested FP is "free", due to the returned FP from rewards in the other players GB and even a high level Arc cannot offset the difference to a 1.x threat
  • slow leveling speed as effectively every FP contributed to the GB needs a same investment on the owners part and therefor the leveling speed is limited by the owners FP income
  • finding a partner for the deal might be a hurdle
  • deal might go wrong with an untrustworthy partner - therfore start with low contributions and if everything works out increase the contributions

Chain Swaps[]

This one, again, is a contribution group and shares similarities with a Swap Deal. A player contributes a set amount of FP into another participant's GB and in return gets the same mount of FP donated into one of their own GB from the other or a totally different participant.

Set Up[]

  • Add all participating players into a group message
    • if done among friends, all of them need to befriend each other
    • in guilds (where this kind of thread is most common) all guild members are added automatically when the message is started in the guild tab
  • set an amount of FP that shall be swapped and display it in the message title - e.g. "20 FP Swap"
    • other common FP amounts are 3, 5, 10, 50, 100
    • often, multiple group messages for different amounts of FP are used in parallel
  • select one player's GB that shall be contributed to first and post that GB in the message thread (as this first contribution is free, often an observatory is chosen)
  • whoever wants to contribute now follows these steps:
    • If the last GB posted in the thread is of interest to the player or if they need to "get rid" of some FP they post their own GB that they want a contribution to
    • the player should give the system a moment to allow for eventual other players messages to update
    • after that, the player pays the agreed upon amount of Forge.png FP into the GB that is now posted directly before their own - this in most cases is still the same as the currently last building from before the own building was posted, but it might have changed when messages of multiple players overlapped


  • No FP stock needed
  • players may receive Blueprints blueprints, Medals medals and Forge.png FP for their stock
  • No high level Arc needed
  • very simple to set up and maintain


  • only works well in small groups of players (about six is ideal)
    • In groups with many participants, the player has to be be very selective about the GBs to contribute to, otherwise no placement will be achieved if only a low amount of FP is available for investment
  • only works well in groups of players with similar FP income
    • when the incomes vary too much the players with higher income will tend to receive disproportionally more and higher rewards what makes the whole system "unfair"
  • more expensive than a 1.x thread as only a part of the invested FP is "free", due to the returned FP from rewards in the other players GBs - even a high level Arc cannot offset the difference to a 1.x threat
  • slow leveling speed as effectively every FP contributed to the GB needs a same investment on the owners part and therefor the leveling speed is limited by the owners FP income
  • there is a risk of a participant (intentionally or accidentally) not paying the agreed upon amount and it may be very hard and labour-intensive to check for such misbehavior

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