The following quest is incomplete. It is either missing one or both of its quest text. If you have encountered the quest and have its text then please add it.


Noble Ruler! I wanted to ask you something. If only i could remember... maybe I wanted some fish... no, now I know: Please, help me fill the gaps still left in our understanding of life, the universe and everything.


  1. Spend 400 Forge Points
  2. Research all technologies of the Future (20/20)


Noble Ruler! Thanks for all the fish. Oh, and all the knowledge, too.


  • 2 Hidden Rewards (two large Forge Point Packages)

Additional Information

Skippable: yes

Previous Quest: [TBD]

Next Quest: I got "Fnord (Recurring quest)" after aborting as suggested in the comments - not sure if that means there was a questline that was broken.

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