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Lothair III is one of the four rulers in the High Middle Ages and he controls Veletrites and Canturia.


He is the brother of Karl der Krumme, Childerich IV, and Ludwig der Listige. His father died prior to the events of the questline, and fought with his brothers over control of his kingdom.

He behaves hostile toward the player. In the Four Brothers, One Kingdom quest, Ragu describes him as, "not smart and powerful enough to claim his birthright."


After defeating the tyrannical Queen Kaiserin Konstanze, the player is urged to scout the provinces south of Kaiserin's kingdom, revealing that Canturia was ruled by Lothair.

In the quest Ludwig's Proposal, the player is given the choice to either take Canturia either by negotiation or by force. He is fully stripped of his power after the player either buys or conquers Veletrites in the quest Meet Lothair III. His fate following his defeat is unknown.


Because of the Roman numeral suffix "III" at the end of his name, it is heavily implied that he is the descendant of Lothair I and Lothair II, the real-life kings of Bavaria and Lotharingia respectively during the 9th century. Both of these areas are located in the Germanic regions of Europe, implying that Lothair is of Germanic origin.

The Story of the four brothers reflects actual history and custom under the Frankish Empire. Charlemagne had one son when he died, so his son became Emperor of all the lands of the Franks this was all of Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland & France (except Brittany), Spain north of the Ebro, Italy as far south as Rome (except Venice), Germany to the West of the Elbe, However Charlemagnes Son had 3 sons when he died and the lands were split between them.

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