Your Highness!

I am a big fan of head gear. Stovepipes, fedoras, workers hats - I am mad about everything you put on your head. Hmm, I realise we do not have enough hatters in [player's city]. We must remedy that.


  • PRBU Build a hatter
  • Hatter 6 Produce 1 of every hat


Your Highness!

Look at all these wonderful new hats! They are all so beautiful! I can't decide which one to wear!


  • 16 Flavorants

Additional information

Abortable: Yes

Previous Quest: Mad Men or Stocking up the Defense or Fill the Shelves. This quest is unlocked by researching Advertisement (tech) and appears after Mad Men, which is unlocked by the same condition.

Next Quest: Tongue in Cheek or Civil Defense

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