Your Grace!

Finally! The madman Abdul Alhazred disappeared. All that is left from him are his crazy ideas that infected our new citizens. It will take some time, but eventually we will be able to deal with their fanaticism.


  • DECO Build 3 decorations
  • REBU Build 2 residential buildings


Your Grace!

Let us hope that we will never hear from Abdul Alhazred again. The sooner he and his crazy ideas get forgotten, the better.


  • Hidden RewardHidden Reward (30 Plastics)
  • Hidden RewardHidden Reward (20 Electromagnets)

Additional Information

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Madman's Manhunt or Thanks of the Sheik or The Dangerous Dictator

Next Quest: Dictator's Downfall or Thanks of the Sheik

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