Mandrubar is a special case. He is old, very well read, highly intelligent and has absolute capacity – as long as the matter at hand is science. In his laboratory, he does things with ease, but in the real world, he is helpless and lost. You can expect Mandrubar to always provide useful knowledge for you if you support his research projects.

Mandrubar, also known as the Scientist, gives side quests, most of which are related to research and spending Forge Points. These quests can often be aborted.


Mandrubar is an extremely well-read scientist who is versatile and efficient while in the laboratory. He is of the opinion that science would be the better option than war, as he says in several earlier quests. Also, he believes that war should be done only if needed. Having a humane side, he shows it several times throughout the game by urging the player to research technologies that would improve the lives of the citizens. However, his biggest handicap is his memory. More often than not, he forgets an idea soon after he has it. He complains throughout the game of this and always seeks out solutions for it. Sometimes, quests appear in which he asks the player to do extremely bizarre things (like researching Stone Age much later in the game). On an occasion, he has also mentioned his father in relation to his memory problems.

Throughout the Ages

Gallery of Mandrubar
During Stone Age During Bronze Age to Iron Age During Early Middle Ages to High Middle Ages During Late Middle Ages
During Colonial Age During Industrial Age During Progressive Era During Modern Era
During Postmodern Era During Contemporary Era During Tomorrow Era During Future Era
During Oceanic Future During Virtual Future During Space Age Mars During Space Age Asteroid Belt
During Summer Events During Historical Questline: Arthur Conan Doyle

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