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These items provide the player with the ability to reduce the remaining Coins coins / Supplies supplies production times of all buildings. The bonus does not apply to special productions or Great Buildings, but if you have a supply production active in your Special Buildings, it will work on it.

Each of these items exists in three sizes (small, medium and large). This is represented with a bronze, silver and golden clock rims, as well as with the brightness of the glow around them. The Bronze and Silver rush reduce all buildings in the town by a specific amount; the Gold Supply rush will instantly finish the supply production of a single building that is not a Special Building nor a Great Building.

They were released during the Rosa Parks Historical Questline, and then appeared in the 2017 Winter Event.

Mass Coin Rush

Small Medium Large
Clock01:00:00 Clock08:00:00 Clock??:00:00
Mass Coin Rush (small) Mass Coin Rush (medium) Mass Coin Rush (large)

Mass Supply Rush

Small Medium Large
Clock02:00:00 Instant
Mass Supply Rush (small) Mass Supply Rush (medium) Mass Supply Rush (large)
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