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These items provide the player with the ability to reduce the remaining Coins coins / Supplies supplies production times of all buildings. The bonus does not apply to special productions or Great Buildings, but if you have a supply production active in your Special Buildings, it will work on it.

Each of these items exists in three sizes (small, medium and large). This is represented with a bronze, silver and golden clock rims, as well as with the brightness of the glow around them.

The only encountered item in the game so far is the Mass Supply Rush (small) 5m Mass Supply Rush, which is rewarded for completing first 4 quests of the Rosa Parks Historical Questline.

Mass Coin Rush

Small Medium Large
Clock01:00:00 Clock00:??:00 Clock0?:??:00
Mass Coin Rush (small) Mass Coin Rush (medium) Mass Coin Rush (large)

Mass Supply Rush

Small Medium Large
Clock00:05:00 Clock00:??:00 Clock0?:??:00
Mass Supply Rush (small) Mass Supply Rush (medium) Mass Supply Rush (large)
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