Noble Ruler!

I hear that Miranda Dolores Feroz managed to stay in power for such a long period by controlling the media. I want to control the media, too: They would always praise me, publish my best jokes and everyone would love me!


  • GOBU Gather 77 goods
  • Aid Motivate or polish 77 buildings


Noble Ruler!

Nah, as promising as it sounds, controlling the media is not a great idea. Turns out, there are no fun things to watch or read anymore once you control it.


Additional Information

This quest may also appear in Contemporary Era, if you already have reached a province controlled by Miranda Dolores Feroz on the map of the Tomorow Era.

You may get this quest even if you have not yet scouted any province belonging to Miranda Dolores Feroz.

Abortable: Yes

Previous Quest: A Hole in the Ground or Gadgeteer

Next Quest: Under One Roof or MOON III

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