Tribal Chief! / Your Majesty! / Your Highness!*

I have a splendid idea! You should try and have work for most of the people in *City's Name*. You could create jobs for them - or force them to move away.


  • REBU Have less than x* population available


Tribal Chief! / Your Majesty! / Your Highness!*

Terrific, I love it! Almost everyone in the city has a job now, and they are so busy! They want to thank you by offering some donations.


Additional Information

Skippable: Yes

Previous Quest: depends on the age*

Next Quest: Extra Research or a side quest from your age, such as Armor Up!


The quest has been changed on v. 1.117 (changelog) and it might be bugged (report).

This is a loop quest, that can show up in different eras:

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