Tribal Chief! / Your Majesty! / Your Highness!*

I have a splendid idea! You should try and have work for most of the people in *City's Name*. You could create jobs for them - or force them to move away.


  • REBU Have less than x* population available


Tribal Chief! / Your Majesty! / Your Highness!*

Terrific, I love it! Almost everyone in the city has a job now, and they are so busy! They want to thank you by offering some donations.



This quest can show up once each era with different population limits:

Additional Information

Abortable: YES

Previous Quest: depends on the age

Next Quest: Extra Research or a side quest from your age, such as Armor Up! or Supplies!, or Produce Service Modules (Space Age Mars).

The quest has been changed from recurring to side quest with v. 1.117.

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