Motivated Goods buildings produce goods when motivated, in addition to their normal 24 hour coin production. They will mostly produce 5 goods (1 of each type) of the current age of the building, but the amount can vary between buildings or the levels of buildings.

Building Size Available from
Athlete Living Quarters 3x4 Various events
Black Tower 4x5 2017 Halloween Event
Caravansary 4x5 Various events
Fishing Hut 4x4 Summer events
Grand Bridge 4x3 2018 Carnival Event
Kiosk 3x2 Tour de France historical questline
Menagerie 4x5 Sacajawea Historical Questline
Oasis 3x4 Various events
Pillar of Heroes 3x3 2018 Forge Bowl Event
Royal Cascade 3x4 Rosa Parks Historical Questline
The Ship 7x3 2018 Summer Event
Tholos of Idols 4x4 2018 FoE Soccer Cup Event
Tribal Square 4x3 Guild Expeditions
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