Mounted Warrior is the Iron Age upgrade of the Horseman. It is produced in the Mounted Warrior Stable. It has the highest speed in the Iron Age, with the same attack power as the soldier and moderate defense. Effective against ranged unit classes such as the Archer.


It is always the first unit to move on a turn and it can reach the another end of the map in two turns. This makes it also effective against artillery units.

However, it is vulnerable to light units such as the Soldier, as Soldiers have combat bonuses against fast units. Thus it should avoid combat with light units.


The attack and the defense values of this unit have been decreased by one point in the 1.0 update.


The Roman Cavalry (equites i Romani) always played an integral role within the Roman Army, from the days of the monarchy to the Imperial era. Initially, during the time of the republic, cavalry forces among the army were made up entirely of equites, a property based class within roman society that acted similarly to a knight, being active in business and warfare, although the latter military service became less and less popular and there were simply not enough of them to make up for the required numbers, many commoners of the First Class volunteered for the service as it was considered more glamorous than that of the infantry. Subsequently over the years, the republic became more and more reliant on the cavalry provided by its allied states, as these were natives with equestrian traditions who provided good quality horses and experienced riders, often fighting with all types of weapons on horseback, and also because its own citizen cavalry was simply not enough to cover all of the territory that had been adquired by the republic. After the Marian reforms (107 BC) and the subsequent rise of the empire, Roman citizen cavalry was gradually abolished and replaced by native allied cavalry, given the lack of equites (who acted as officers) and first class citizens (who were now more interested in business rather than service) to fill in the ranks. There was no shortage of second class citizen volunteers to fill the ranks of the cavalry, however, the emplied costs of the recruitment of these citizens deemed it pointless, as the expenses on allied cavalry were much cheaper. With Rome lacking its own cavalry forces to rely upon, Caesar Augustus formed a regular Auxilia corps of non-roman citizens. These non-roman cavalry men, unlike those from allied kingdoms, were trained and paid by the Roman state and were oficially part of the roman army. They were described as being very competent and proved to be effective alongside the infantry. After the implementation of the Constitutio Antoniniana (212 AD) all cavalry forces were technically considered Roman citizen cavalry.


Mounted Warrior in battle

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