The Movable Abode is one of the 4 residential buildings of the Space Age Asteroid Belt. It can only be built on the Asteroid Belt Outpost and not on Earth, i.e. the main city. It provides Credits Credits that are necessary for initiating action in the Space Province Map. It also gives a certain amount of Colonists Colonists which are the Space Colony equivalent of Population Population.

Other Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings
Stone Age Hut
Bronze Age ChaletLonghouse[1]Stilt HouseThatched House
Iron Age CottageRoof Tile HouseVilla[1]
Early Middle Ages Clapboard HouseFrame HouseMultistory House
High Middle Ages Brownstone HouseMansion[1]Town House
Late Middle Ages Apartment HouseEstate HouseManor[1]
Colonial Age Arcade HouseCountry HouseGambrel Roof HousePlantation House[1]
Industrial Age Boarding HouseUrban Residence[1]Victorian HouseWorkers' House
Progressive Era Art Nouveau Mansion[1]Council HouseHigh-RiseTenement House
Modern Era Luxury Dwelling[1]MotelPrefab HouseSuburban House
Postmodern Era BungalowDuplex HouseLoft House[1]Prefabricated High-Rise
Contemporary Era CondominiumShophouseWaterfront ResidentialWaterfront Villa[1]
Tomorrow Era AnnexCapsule HotelPod HomeTerraced High-Rise[1]
Future Era ArcologySelf-Supporting HomeTree House Hotel[1]Underground House
Arctic Future Clock Tower ApartmentCrystal VillaMobile HouseSea-Scraper[1]Sheltered Tipi[1]
Oceanic Future Bridge HouseFisherman's HouseFloating HouseHouseboatLight HouseSeaview Tower[1]Underwater Hotel[1]Urban Island
Virtual Future Generational HomeVR Lodge[1]Tea HouseModular VR Dwelling
Space Age Mars Adaptive Home[1]Astronaut Training DormitoryDome[2]Drop Pod[2]Modular Home[2]Simple Shelter[2]
Space Age Asteroid Belt Living Space ResidenceLow-Gravity Home[1]Movable Abode[3]Deep-Seated Housing[3]Vault House[3]Spaceview Residence[3]
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