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Musketeers are the Short-ranged Units of the Colonial Age, and the first to be unlocked on the tech tree. They possess a respectable level of offensive strength, but they are defensively frail, bearing the second weakest defensive stats of all Colonial Age units. The unit's movement and range stats match those of its immediate predecessor, the Longbow Archer.


musketeer (Frenchmousquetaire) was an early modern type of infantry soldier equipped with a musket. Musketeers were an important part of early modern armies, particularly in Europe. They sometimes could fight on horseback, like a dragoon or a calvalryman. The musketeer was a precursor to the rifleman. Muskets were replaced by rifles in most western armies during the mid-1850s. The traditional designation of "musketeer" for an infantry private survived in the Imperial German Army until World War I.

Most effective against the Grenadier. Requirements include building the cumbersome 5x3 Musketeer Range
File:Musketeer in battle.png
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