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The Neighborhood is a group of around 80 players that are able to interact with each other in contrast to the rest of the players of the same world. The game randomly puts most, but not all active players of the same era in neighborhoods and all neighborhoods are shuffled every alternate Monday (on the odd week). The only exception is the Beta server in which neighbourhood shuffling occurs every week.

Visitation Actions[]

All players within a neighbourhood are able to perform actions to each other without the requirement of either being friends or belonging to the same guild. The normal set of actions are motivating and polishing (both actions can also be performed by aiding).

Neighbors can attack each other, and if the attack succeeds, the attacking player can plunder unmotivated buildings in the attacked player's town. All neighbors can also contribute to other neighbors' great buildings.

There are also occasional special actions during some events.

Neighbourhood Merges[]

In a neighbourhood, the players are ranked only on the basis of the amount of Forge Points they have spent. No other factors are taken into account. This can be explained with the help of a simple analogy.

Consider that all the active players in a neighbourhood are placed in a line and sorted by their respective eras. The system now begins cutting off this line at around the 80th position every time. Every cut off portion forms one neighbourhood, and players might find themselves in a completely new one or with some old neighbours which exclusively. depends on the amount of Forge Points they have spent.

The Paradox of Neighbours With Varying Ages[]

Sometimes the player might find themselves in a neighbourhood with members in two different ages. This paradoxical situation can be confusing or distressing but has a very simple explanation.

In the above analogy, the system cuts off the line after every 80th or so player. When this happens, there will be some instances where there will be overlapping of members of the two different eras. This is why there might be instances in which the player finds themselves in a neighbourhood with another player of a different era.