The Noise-Cancelling Highway is a two lane street of the Virtual Future. It can connect buildings that need to be connected to the Town Hall.


Happiness +22.5 per tile.[1]

Other Roads

Stone Age Trail
Bronze Age Path
Iron Age Gravel RoadPaved Road[2]
Early Middle Ages Cobbled Road
High Middle Ages Rough Paved Road
Late Middle Ages
Colonial Age Brick Road[2]Paved Lane
Industrial Age Sett Paved Road
Progressive Era Avenue[2][3]PromenadeTarmac Road[3]
Modern Era AlleyMotorway[3]
Postmodern Era Boulevard[3]Walkway
Contemporary Era
Tomorrow Era
Future Era Solar Roadway[3]Solar Walkway
Arctic Future Arctic SidewayArctic Street[3]
Oceanic Future Alloy WalkwayAqua Highway[3]Oceanic Canal[2][3]Oceanic Sidewalk[2]
Virtual Future Energy Preserving RoadNoise-Cancelling Highway[3]Sakura Path[2]Sakura Street[2][3]
Space Age Mars Carved Road[4]Guided Street[3]Mars Soil Path


  1. Efficiency is measured by the total happiness provided by the building divided by the number of tiles of the actual building occupies. To be used as an objective comparison towards other roads.
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