The One Up Kit can be used by its owner to upgrade a special building acquired in an earlier age to the subsequent age. Each kit can only be used once.

The One Up Kit was introduced during the 2016 Fall Event and has reappeared in later events.

Getting item

One Up Kits are fairly rare and desirable items. Fortunately there are a few ways to get it.

  • During the Guild Expeditions the One Up Kit is one of the possible rewards from the rare Jade Relic (28% chance).
  • In the Guild Expeditions it can also be obtained as a reward for completing the 12th encounter of level II and the 12th encounter of level IV difficulty.
  • From Daily Challenges as a reward from the Item User's Chest (15% chance).
  • Since the 2016 Fall Event the One Up Kit have appeared as one of the possible rewards in many events.

Using item

The One Up Kit can be used to upgrade a special building to the next age. Note that the kit cannot be use to advance the building to a higher age than the player currently is.

To use the item the player must pick it up from the inventory. Then in the city view all the upgradable buildings are marked with a star icon above the buildings. Then player must click on the building that is chosen to be upgraded. Player is asked a confirmation for the action. After confirmation the building has the properties of the higher age building.

The One Up Kit is consumed in the process and removed from the players inventory. To advance the building multiple ages then multiple One Up Kits are required or the player must use the Renovation Kit.

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