The lovely Princess Myciena of Maidenport was imprisoned by the evil Kaiserin Konstanze. After your rescue she was very thankful and happy to be helping you as an adviser! But be careful. Some advisers say don't get carried away by Lady Myciena's beauty. Her charm might be used for her own agenda. Are they just jealous?

Princess Myciena von Maidenport, also known as the Counselor, gives story quests starting from mid Colonial Age after Ragu Silvertongue flees from your city, and side quests after her position as story quest giver is taken over by Terry Hunt in Arctic Future. These side quests can often be aborted, but the story quests can't.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Princess Myciena von Maidenport is the only daughter of the rich king of the Old Ages. As per the storyline, her father was imprisoned by the unholy alliance of the Kaiserin, Godefrey Darkblood, Ludwig der Listige. The player later manages to free her father and she comes indebted in his/her gratitude. She has a flirtatious nature and in the final quest of the LMA bonus storyline she hints at the player and her's possible marriage, which, of course, doesn't materialize. She is a gentle soul and an innocent lady, who has a particular aversion towards warfare and violence. If the player deftly maneuvers through the final quests of each era, then he can secure huge profits in diamonds. Often, she is unable to fathom the motives of the current enemy but nullifies this by displaying her proficient skill in negotiating. She accompanies the player as his/her right-hand throughout from the mid-CA to the end of Future Era. At the beginning of AF, she mysteriously disappears. She returns in the OF.

We hope that she once again resumes her post as right-hand. Then, who knows, one day the possible marriage might become a reality?

Throughout the Ages[edit | edit source]

Gallery of Princess Myciena von Maidenport
During Colonial Age During Industrial Age During Progressive Era During Modern Era
During Postmodern Era During Contemporary Era During Tomorrow Era During Future Era and Arctic Future
During Oceanic Future During Space Age Asteroid Belt

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