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The Progressive Era (often shortened into PE) is the 9th era in Forge of Empires and is preceded by the Industrial Age, and followed by the Modern Era. It includes ten provinces to conquer: Havre, Uxrow, Gaelford, Kriegreich, Omoien, Sud, Ostrand, Langenreich, Uceria, and Gorski.

This era introduces new challenges, especially in matters of urban planning, being the first in which 2x2 roads are needed in order to build and operate certain buildings.

The Progressive Era also introduces new battlefield rules when acquiring sectors by fighting. All units are ranged and the units have different strength and weakness rules when comparing to units in previous eras. In addition, there is battle scaling of which the effective movement and firing range is decreased. Trenches are introduced starting from this era.

Unlike previous ages, the defending units of the sectors will not target Rogues first. This means if the player's attacking army has Rogues in addition to regular units, the regular units will be attacked (and killed, if possible) before the rogues.



Progressive Era Continent
Progressive Era HR.jpg
Provinces Rewards
Havre PvP Tower
Uxrow CoinsSupplies
Gaelford Goods
Kriegreich Goods
Omoien CoinsSupplies
Sud CoinsSupplies
Ostrand CoinsSupplies
Langenreich Expansion 1 expansion
Uceria CoinsSupplies
Gorski Expansion 1 expansion


Requirements for Research
Forge.png 1,430
Coins 514,111
Supplies 2,026,111
Basalt 180
Brass 210
Silk 150
Talc Powder 240
Gunpowder 160
Paper 220
Coffee 320
Wire 250
Porcelain 380
Tar 320
Rubber 260
Coke 180
Textiles 230
Whale Oil 220
Fertilizer 275
Asbestos 330
Gasoline 300
Machine Parts 330
Tinplate 350
Explosives 300


Residential Buildings[]

Tenement House Council House High-Rise Art Nouveau Mansion
Single Road Single Road Double Road Single Road
Size 3x3 Size 3x3 Size 3x3 Size 3x3
Tenement House.png Councilhouse Full.png Highrise Full.png Artnouveaumansion Full.png
Coins 610 in 1h

Population +510

Coins 1,280 in 4h

Population +680

Coins 5,750 in 24h

Population +1,087

Coins 3,640 in 8h

Population +917

Construction Costs
Coins 21,900

Supplies 84,400

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 6:50:00h

Coins 27,400

Supplies 105,500

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 8:00:00h

Coins 34,200

Supplies 131,800

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 9:30:00h

Diamonds 400

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 0:00:20h

Production Buildings[]

Garage Lamp Factory Cattle Ranch Deli Shop
Double Road Single Road Single Road Single Road
Size 4x4 Size 6x3 Size 7x6 Size 4x3
Garage.png Lamp Factory.png Cattle Ranch.png Deli Shop.png
Supplies 1,450 in 1h Supplies 1,510 in 1h Supplies 3,100 in 1h Supplies 1,770 in 1h
Construction Costs
Coins 141,000

Supplies 52,400

Population 338

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 9:10:00h

Coins 173,000

Supplies 39,300

Population 570

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 15:00:00h

Coins 218,000

Supplies 119,100

Population 1,063

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 13:50:00h

Diamonds 600

Population 200

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 0:00:20h

Goods Buildings[]

Asbestos Factory Explosives Factory Machine Workshop Oil Refinery Tinning Plant
Double Road Required
Size 5x5 Size 4x5 Size 6x4 Size 7x4 Size 3x6
Asbestos Factory.png Explosives Factory.png Machine Workshop.png Oil Refinery.png Tinning Plant.png
Production: Asbestos.png Production: Explosives.png Production: Machine Parts.png Production: Gasoline.png Production: Tinplate.png
Production Costs (4 Hours)
Coins 4,000 Supplies 4,000
Deposit: Asbestos Ore.png Deposit: Diatomite.png Deposit: Tungsten Ore.png Deposit: Crude Oil.png Deposit: Tin Ore.png
Construction Costs
Coins 54,000 Supplies 129,000 Population 1,200 Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 14:50:00h

Cultural Buildings[]

Electrical Plant Publishing House Metro Entrance City Park Zeppelin
Double Road Single Road Single Road Single Road Single Road
Size 5x5 Size 4x3 Size 2x1 Size 5x6 Size 3x6
Electrical Plant.png Publishing House.png Metro Entrance.png City Park.png Zeppelin.png
Happiness +2,620 Happiness +1,030 Happiness +180 Happiness +2,850 Happiness +2,730
Construction Costs
Coins 306,000

Supplies 353,000

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 14:30:00h

Coins 124,000

Supplies 116,000

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 11:50:00h

Coins 23,000

Supplies 8,000

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 6:40:00h

Coins 116,000

Supplies 601,000

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 15:50:00h

Diamonds 600

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 0:00:20h

Military Buildings[]

Conscription Office Ordnance Factory Armored Car Factory Tank Factory Sniper Camp
Single Road Single Road Double Road Double Road Single Road
Size 5x4 Size 4x5 Size 5x4 Size 4x5 Size 6x3
Conscription Office.png Ordnance Factory.png Armored Car Factory.png Tank Factory.png Sniper Camp.png
Military Buildings Conscript Military Buildings Rapid Fire Cannon Military Buildings Armored Car Military Buildings Tank Military Buildings Sniper
Construction Costs
Coins 143,450

Supplies 153,900

Population 1,420

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 13:20:00h

Coins 192,000

Supplies 206,000

Population 1,890

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 17:50:00h

Coins 164,000

Supplies 176,000

Population 1,580

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 14:50:00h

Coins 178,000

Supplies 191,000

Population 1,740

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 16:20:00h

Coins 137,000

Supplies 147,000

Population 1,260

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 11:50:00h


Urban Tree Billboard Water Tower Newspaper Stand Equestrian Statue
Size 1x1 Size 2x1 Size 1x1 Size 1x2 Size 1x2
Urban Tree.png Billboard.png Water Tower.png Newspaper Stand.png Equestrian Statue.png
Happiness +61 Happiness +123 Happiness +63 Happiness +131 Happiness +270
Construction Costs
Coins 3,080

Supplies 11,740

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 0:00:05h

Coins 7,740

Supplies 12,670

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 0:00:05h

Coins 4,810

Supplies 12,190

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 0:00:05h

Coins 20,640

Supplies 23,480

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 0:00:05h

Diamonds 250

Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 0:00:05h

Great Buildings[]

Alcatraz Château Frontenac
Size 10x7 Size 5x6
Alcatraz.png Château Frontenac.png
Happiness 2,700 Quest Reward +50%
Military Buildings +4 (unattached) every
Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00
Coins 7,670 every
Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds)24:00:00
Construction Costs
Ht Asbestos 450
Gasoline 350
Machine Parts 200
Tinplate 450
Explosives 300


The Progressive Era is laid out to represent world history starting from late 19th century extending into World War I and ends with the beginning of the 1920s which is also referred to as the roaring twenties. This age is notable for recurring activism that encourage social justice and major reform during the early 20th century. Examples include the prohibition of alcoholic beverages, muckraking in journalism, and women's suffrage.

As indicated in the game, this age is most notable for bringing technological breakthroughs to the forefront such as the light bulb and invention of the first successful motor-powered airplane. The completion of the world's first dreadnought by the Royal Navy and the mass production of the First automobiles. There is also a great develop of communications like phones, cinema and radio.

Finally, the rising power of North America is demonstrated through great buildings such as the Alcatraz and the Château Frontenac. However , the Continent Map takes place in Europe.