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[[Category:Side Quests]]
[[Category:Side Quests]]
[[Category:Colonial Age Quests]]
[[Category:Colonial Age Quests]]
[[Category:Greva Darn]]
[[de:Zerstreuung für die Massen]]
[[de:Zerstreuung für die Massen]]

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Your Highness! Providing amusement and entertainment to people helps them remain calm and forget their worries. From a business perspective, that is also a wise decision!


  • DECO Have 4 Kites
  • Tobacco Plantation 6 Produce 1 barrel of tobacco[1]


Your Highness! If the people are happy, they are less likely to commit crimes and disrupt society.


Additional Information

Abortable: YES

Previous Quest: A Worthy Residence

Next Quest: Master of New Goods or Heavy Traffic


  1. Can be produced in a Tobacco Plantation
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