Your Highness!

Hmm. There is space to dance, but no one knows our music yet. There are simply not enough radios and jukeboxes around. We must change this to reach a larger audience! The people will truly love our songs!


  • Appliance Factory 3 Produce 5 radios[1]
  • Appliance Factory 6 Produce 2 jukeboxes[2]


Your highness!

Can you hear that? Our song! On the radio! I'm going to be famous!


  • Hidden Reward Hidden reward (77,000 Coins)

Additional Information

Abortable: YES

Previous: Prefabrication or Milk Maniac or Temperate Climate

Next Quest: Honey Money or A Noble Prize


  1. Radio is 1-hour production of Appliance Factory
  2. Jukebox is 1-day production of Appliance Factory
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