Your Grace!

Let us invest in ranching. I believe there is a pretty penny to be made out of breeding cows and calves. We should gather them into a big herd, so they can be looked after more efficiently. Giddyup!


  • Cattle Ranch 4 Produce 4 dairy cows[1] and 1 breeding bull[2]
  • Cattle Ranch 2 Produce 10 calves[3]


Your Grace!

Yee-haw! Your large herd brought in a nice profit. You're a bona fide cowboy/cowgirl now, aren't ya?


  • 55,000 Coins

Additional Information

Skippable: YES

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  1. Dairy Cow is 4-hour production of Cattle Ranch
  2. Bredding Bull is 8-hour production of Cattle Ranch
  3. Calf is 15-minute production of Cattle Ranch
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