Reconstruction Mode is a special game interface that helps players to rearrange the city by offering temporary storage for the buildings. It is unlocked by the Mathematics technology.

Reconstruction mode is accessible by the fourth icon (icon with the construction crane symbol) in the building mode menu as shown below:



Clicking the reconstruction mode button opens a new, empty section where buildings can be temporarily stored to make rearranging the city easier. The temporary storage can be filled with buildings, Great Buildings and roads by clicking on the entity in the city and adding them to the storage. The only building that cannot be moved to the storage is the Town Hall.

Stored buildings will be arranged in tabs according to the building type. Set buildings will also display the respective icon.

Reconstruction Mode

When enough room has been made in the city, the buildings can be placed back onto the city grid. All the buildings must be placed back to the city before the changes can be saved and the reconstruction mode left.

At any point before saving, the changes can be reverted and the old city layout restored. If the game is closed before saving the rearrangements, all the progress in the reconstruction mode will be lost.

Buildings in the temporary storage do NOT have their production timers stopped, hence production continues.


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