In Forge of Empires, the player can research various technologies. These are required to unlock buildings and infrastructure, units and features like guilds, Cultural Settlements, PVP Tournaments and the Antiques Dealer. The most important thing about research is the progress through eras. As soon as one has unlocked any technology of a higher age, the player will progress to that age, unlocking buildings and upgrading the Town Hall.



The Tech-Tree is a visual representation of the progress through the ages and the technologies that one has researched and the ones that are yet to come. When hovering over a technology the green arrow(-s) pointing away from the current technology are the ones that are unlocked after this technology is researched. The arrow(-s) pointing to the current technology are the ones that are required for beginning the research. Otherwise, it's marked as a blocked technology.

A technology can be in one of these four stages:

  • Techtree unlocked The technology has been fully unlocked.
  • Techtree pay The technology has been researched but needs more resources or goods to be unlocked.
  • Techtree FPs The technology is currently being researched, so the Forge Point requirement hasn't been met.
  • Techtree blocked The technology is blocked, as one hasn't finished all the preceding researches.

Unlocking Technologies

To unlock a technology the player has to first invest the needed amount of forge points into it. When the bar showing the needed amount of forge points is full, and the player has the necessary amount of resources the player can unlock the research. Forge points requirements and resource requirements can always be fulfilled by using Diamonds diamonds instead.


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